Sunday, March 9, 2014

Calceolaria Herbeohybrida

These gorgeous and unique flowers were spotted earlier at the Meijer's floral section of the store! This plant was full of flowers. They were stunning in colors and how they looked.

I had a hard time parting with these beautiful flowers! They are annual plant and sometimes known as Slipperwort or Pocketbook plant. Blooming usually takes late in late Fall and early summer. They also require sun to partial shade.

As gorgeous as they are, everything about them is poisonous; from seeds to the entire plant if ingested. Handling them could also cause skin irritation and allergic reaction!

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  1. So, something colourful is dangerous.

    Included mushroom.

  2. Absolutely gorgeous they are!!! I think I too would have a hard time parting with them:) those petals are indeed so uniquely shaped and so vividly colored! :).but then I again I won't dare touch....: )happy weekend!

  3. I have never seen these flowers before. They are beautiful. Hard to believe there is so much poison in something to lovely.

  4. What a lovely plant, the flowers are beautiful. I do not believe I have seen these flowers. I love the cheery colors. Beautiful images and mosaic! Have a happy week!

  5. very unique and very beautiful, I am not sure if I have seen them here, now, I am inspired to look for them :) I will just try to be extra careful in handling them

  6. I have never seen these before. Amazing! Beautiful yet dangerous. Fantastic shot and thanks for the information, love these.


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