Friday, April 4, 2014

Give Your House a Fresh Look With Curtains

Spring is in the air. It is time to clean the inside and outside. It is time to freshen up, change out winter gear, and give the house a lighter look.

I have a friend that goes as far as changing her window dressing. She removes the heavier fabric drape to a lighter and prettier one. Currently she is looking at Cheap Curtains to find something affordable for her kitchen.

My friend is into home decoration for each season that we have, and at one time, she was also the host in selling things of this nature. I have always admired her taste and her skills in transforming the look of her house each time I visit.

The website I mention in this post is one of her favorites since the price for valance, tier, and curtains are quite reasonably. My house came with the blind on the windows, and they have been "as is" forever.

Watching my friend in frantic spring cleaning mode I thought of changing out my blind for curtains, but I really need a realistic approach and a better planning way of attacking this issue. My house has too many windows and they are all odd sizes. I believe this explains why we have blind throughout the house.

Using curtains, drapes, valances and tiers can give your house a totally new look. It is one of those little things that often under estimate. The transformation, as I have witnessed in my friend's house, is such a refreshing to see. It changes the look and feel of the house in such an amazing way. Registered & Protected



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