Saturday, May 10, 2014

Exotic Iris

Pretty Iris

Spring is in the air! You can feel it! You can smell it! But Michigan has its own agenda, or I should say Metro Detroit weather is on its own schedule. We had rain for the entire week, and it was pretty cold with strong wind.

These photos of iris were found in my archives!
Macro of Iris
The gorgeous colors of this iris was just amazing! Multicolors and exotic! I saw them on college campus that my daughter attended, and while she was unloading the car I went for some shots.

Mosaic of Exotic Iris
I saw so many beautiful spring flowers in many different blogs, but we have none yet! Determine not to be left behind, I dug up these photos to show you that Michigan spring flowers were in bloom too, some years ago :-) Registered & Protected



  1. I have never seen an iris in these colours. I am familiar with the yellow and purple ones and yeelow and white ones. This one is really exotic.

  2. I love everything since I cannot change anyone of them.

    And that is a beautiful flower.

  3. gorgeous colors. your iris are coming around much stronger after all these years. I haven't seen any flowers from them yet, but I am betting I will soon. :-)


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