Sunday, May 18, 2014

Pretty Lavender Morning Glory

Pretty Morning Glory
I am digging way way deep in my archives to find something to post for this weekend, and this pretty lavender morning glory screamed for attention. I don't remember where I took the photo or where I saw it, but it is shown here now.

Soft and Pretty
I love those little water drops on this lavender morning glory. We had pure white morning glory flowers along our yard, and they come back every year growing wild along the fence, weaving themselves into the grape vines.

With Some Water Drops
Enjoy the flower and enjoy your weekend!

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  1. You may probably took it at Cerok Tokun.

    It looks very familiar tome.

  2. The morning glory has a pretty two-toned colour and I like the photos of it with the raindrops.

  3. By July the wild morning glory will be twined all around the fences. I know they're supposed to be a weed, but I love them.


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