Saturday, May 31, 2014

Pretty Yellow Iris

Pretty Yellow

These were the other irises that I saw on the University Campus, and you can see them in the background from my other post: Pretty and Exotic Iris. In my garden, the irises are still growing at an extremely slow pace.

Light Yellow Irises

These pretty irises had a delicate yellow tone of color and stood out among the other maroon/pink color irises. These patches of flowers were so pretty to see and went together so well.

Collage of Yellow Irises
I hope flowers are blooming where you live, as for us here in Michigan, daffodils and tulips are trying to stay strong in the rain. Have a great week!

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  1. Flowers are blooming all over my place.

    They are the angels.

  2. What a beauty! The pale yellow colour is so pretty.

  3. My irises are long gone but now we have roses, nasturtiums, lilies and carnations. And my hydrangeas are about to bloom.

  4. The yellow irises are lovely. Beautiful photos! Have a happy week!


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