Thursday, June 5, 2014

Gorgeous Orange Flowers

Growing In My Garden
Growing in my garden at the moment are these beautiful orange flowers. I believe these are one of those seeds that I scattered from the Wild Flowers Box that I bought at the Dollar Store. They didn't bloom last year, but now they are the first to arrive on the scene.

By now it shouldn't come at a surprise to you that I have no name for these gorgeous orange flowers. I did a Google search, and this flower is known as Wallflower. What a perfect name for it!

Depend on the light of day and the weather, the orange can be seen in bright orange, to deep orange. These flowers have been in bloom for more than two weeks already, and I am loving.

Enjoy your new week...

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  1. They are beautiful and you have captured them so well.

  2. Well it took them a while but they are beautiful.

  3. They must have waited for the right time for a year long.

  4. The flowers are beautiful and so are your photos of them...

  5. Cheery and sweet. They make me feel elated the way our California poppies do.


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