Thursday, June 12, 2014

Lilac Flowers

Lilac Flowers and Buds

Imagine my surprise when I finally realized that in the back of my brother's yard, there was a lilac tree! Duh, where have I been? He has lived there forever! But see now, being a blogger aiming with a camera, I have discovered many things that I haven't before, and it is such a big plus. So, forgive me while I was sleeping :-)

Just Beautiful Pink Buds
You all know what lilac smell like, yes! Heavenly and beautifully intoxicating to say the least! I took zillion photos of this lilac. Some I like, and some I don't...Just need more practice I believe.

Mosaic Of Lilac
I hope it is spring where you are now because it is a pretty time of the year to spend outdoors, and admiring all the things that the universe has to offer.

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  1. Very pretty! Isn't it amazing the things you notice now? It seems like every where I go, every thing I see is a potential photograph getting processed in my head to see what it would look like.

  2. Beautiful pictures. I really love lilacs.

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  3. What awonderful lilac inflorescences ! I love this color !

  4. I love all the wonderfully scented flowers that take your breath away...lilacs are among them...and many of the flowers of Hawaii like the tuberose and pikake and plumeria.

  5. Reading through the comments, this flower seems to be a wonderful one.

  6. I love the lilacs too! Gorgeous images and mosaic.. Have a happy week!

  7. Lilacs are known in Poland as "bez", they are long gone now this year, we had a warm winter and everything is ahead of its usual time. That means that we had them blossoming in April/May. Nice photos of wonderful flowers. And their aroma........ : ) cheers. Lilowa Wanda


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