Thursday, July 31, 2014

Maroon Columbine Flowers

Saw these beautiful columbines at Meijer garden area quite a while ago! They are one of my favorite perennial flowers of all time. They come in so many different colors and types.

I've tried to grow them in my garden one year, but they didn't survive and not sure what I did wrong or it could be the soil that they are not compatible with. Nevertheless, I still like them.

As early as April, flower shops around my world brought out columbines in all different colors and types. It was hard to make a decision for those that wanted to bring them home.

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  1. They are pretty. I have never seen them around here.

  2. Will these flowers feel happy or sad"at home"?

  3. The colour is wonderful! Columbines always make me think of my granny. She had a lot of different columbines when I was little.

  4. yes they are gorgeous flowers.

  5. I'm used to seeing the single columbines, so these are a treat!
    Thank you for your kind comments about Jake!


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