Thursday, July 24, 2014

Yellow Mexicana Poppy

I search high and low with different description to match this yellow beauty. There was only one photo of this flower and it is known as Eschscholzia Mexicana; commonly known as Mexicana poppy.

Mexicana Poppy
This gorgeous yellow poppy is currently grown in my garden! The only explanation I have for its present is it's from the wild flower box I bought the year before. It didn't bloom last year, but finally made it debut!
Eschscholzia Mexicana
I have four of these beautiful yellow Mexicana poppy at the moment. Their petals rolled up closed at night and open again during the day. Do correct me if I get the name wrong.

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  1. Gorgeous poppies! The colour is very cheerful.

  2. Great effort, both pictures and your search.

  3. It's a pretty flower. It's strange how flowers will not grow one year and then make their appearance the following year.

  4. Gorgeous pictures. We call it California poppy for some reason.
    I always forget to sow them in time.
    Really lovely to see.


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