Thursday, July 10, 2014

Yellow Sunflower Shines

This year, I took the sunflower seeds from the mixed of bird seeds and just planted along the edge of my garden. To my surprise, they grew, not as tall and big, but grew into these beautiful yellow flowers.

Bees, butterflies, birds, and squirrels love sunflowers. They came to slowly eating away all my sunflowers, and there was one visitor that I treasure to see: the gold finch! I was even able to take some photos. Happy..happy :-)

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  1. I haven't seem sunflower in bloom yet, they should out around here soon. Thanks for sharing.
    Tom The Backroads Traveller

  2. Absolutely brilliant of a sunflower, love it.

  3. So beautiful! I love sunflowers!

  4. Bees, butterflies, birds, and squirrels love sunflowers.

    Us too.

  5. oh, the heavens were smiling through those beautiful sunflowers and brought you more joys with the goldfinch, awesome.


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