Thursday, August 14, 2014

My Backyard Rose

This is the rose in my backyard and they bloom profusely at the moment. Having took so many photos of them, I wasn't planning on taking more, but my fingers were itching to click.

In the sunlight, these roses are just begging for photos. I haven't been to any of my local parks due to the weather so my subjects are limited.

Enjoy your weekend with your loved one. It's already the end of the first week in July; can you believe it?

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  1. beautiful images.

    I'm glad someone else get an itchy trigger finger too.

  2. A rose makes you beautiful, look "rosy".

  3. They're gorgeous! You can't possibly take too many photos of them. :)

  4. Your roses are beautiful. I love taking photos of our flowers. Despite the heat, the bloom on and I am thankful for them.

  5. How beautiful! I love their colour and shape.
    Many thanks for contributing to Floral Friday Fotos!

  6. Exquisite photography of nature's gems ~ Happy Week to you!

    artmusedog and carol (A Creative Harbor)


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