Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The Web Of Life

In the Fog
My early morning ritual is a walk around my backyard, and since the weather is going into fall, some time there is fog. I notice this spider web when a bit of sun ray shining through, and it was amazing to see.

After the Fog Lifted
Then the fog lifted, and this was what I captured! It was a huge web, a perfect web, and a web of life for spider. In the collage below, you can see I try many different angles but the lighting just could show the web as vivid as I want.

Mosaic of The Web
I think the web is fascinating to see and I am glad that the spider was absent from its home. Now, behold my breath and saying grace to my Almighty Creator! Registered & Protected



  1. I think you did a wonderful job capturing the light in the web. The photos are beautiful and perfect for Halloween.

  2. The spider is out for a date.

    You just help housekeeping its home.

    Thank you.


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