Thursday, September 4, 2008

Hat off to Magicians

I've recently read "Realizing Your Are a Magician Can Create Magic in Your Life" on Pun Intended, and the "Wow" factor hit me, literally!

(Update-the post I've mentioned above is no longer there, and the site seemed to be abandoned :-(

What is so great about this post?

It is accurately described the many roles that each and everyone of us have, but not realizing it. We are mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, uncles, aunts, cousins, friends, workers, daughters, sons, and many more.

Read the short post above, and be empowered by just that one sentence!

What makes us a magician?

Ask yourself this question: when you write, are you the same person? Or do you feel like you are someone else, transforming into another person, lost in another world? You've just put on a hat and pull out a rabbit!

Why are we a magician?

How about this: do you act, talk, or do the same things when you are with your close friends as you would with an acquaintance? Yeah, you are a magician alright!

Think about it! We wear many faces. We do many different things with different people in our life, and we do different things when we are by ourselves. We are the magicians! We transform to suit our role, at the moment that we are in.

When you are in doubt or have negative thoughts, remember you are a magician. You can do anything. You can reach beyond limits!

I have not thought of myself as a magician, but from now I'll try to remember that, and "create magic in my life." It is a beautiful thought, isn't it?



  1. Thanks for the link!

    I do like the discussion you have brought here. You have actually analyzed my post in a way I never quite connected. Thanks for the contribution!

  2. Thank you Bamboo Forest for an inspiring post..Looking forward to read more!


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