Monday, September 29, 2008

Boost Your Brain Power!

Recently, I feel like I've lost my mind. I can't remember anything. I'd like to put the blame on my chaotic life, and stress. However, that is just an easy way out. I need to take charge of my problem.

The problem began when I left my cellphone out in the rain, and there after, I left it at a restaurant. You must know that I am careful person. My habit is to look around the area before I leave. For some reasons though, this process lately skips me completely!

In search for help, I found this article: "Ignite Your Brain Power with the 20 Smartest Food on Earth" on ecosalon website.

The article covered a variety of foods, including tips on how to "green" your choices. With each food, listed a short description on why it is good for your brain. I like this article because it combined all the foods that I need to eat on one page!

Now that I know what foods to eat, it is time to move on making a healthy shopping habit. In this article: "Healthy Eating Begins at the Supermarket" on Reader Digest, shows you how and where to look for healthy foods.

You will find 25 tips for shopping at supermarkets. It is an informative article that I need to learn to make the best choices for my family. You can too! Take a few minutes to read these articles to have more power over your life.

Another informative article is: "Nine Nutritional Tips", written by Dr. John Berardi, on He discussed many areas such as the organic debate, pasta, fiber facts, fish oil, mood eating, and metabolism.

Finally, in this article: "14 Simple Ways to Super Charge Your Brain" on Dumb Little Man, you will find ways to help your brain to stay healthy. It needs exercise, as well as resting period.

We have nothing to loose to try and make the best of our life. After all, we only have one life to live, so live it well!



  1. "we only have one life to live, so live it well!" I agree! I am going to check out these articles. Thank you for the tips.

  2. BC, absolutely fabulous posts. Thanks for the research and insight!

  3. Thanks Judy..I like to find natural alternative to health issues.

  4. very stimulating post, Icy! i need to do more of this!

  5. great article, will have to read again and again to remember. ;-)


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