Thursday, September 25, 2008

Should We Have the Same Identity for All?

In my post last week, "To Add or Not to Add?" I mentioned the art of adding friends, (0r not), on social bookmarking sites. It is still a puzzle to me of why I should add a fan to my friend list, and why I shouldn't add.

Through live and learn I know what is best for me, and what I like to do on those sites. Now, I will only add friends if I see my friend are supportive to me, as I am to them! It is a two-way street, always! However, I will remove a friend if he/she keeps on sending pages to me, without even bothers to look at my page once!

So, really, don't add a person just for your own purpose of sending your work! It's selfish!

This week, I want to address my other question: Should we have the same identity for social bookmarking sites and our own website? This is another struggle issue, and there is no rule book to tell us what to do, or not do.

The Advantage of Having the Same Identify

While reading many articles, and blogs, I realize that many people advised to use the same identity for easy recognition, include your avatar!

As far as I can see, this is one of the biggest advantages in marketing online. Fans and readers can easily identify you right away, plus they won't be hesitated in giving you that thumb up or Digg or bookmark your article! Your popularity can sky rocket with just this one simple choice.

The Disadvantage of Not Having the Same Identity

Although having the same identity is best, I have also found that there are many successful people who have different names on their own website, and on their social bookmarking sites.

The only disadvantage is forcing your readers/fans to remember two names instead of one. Hey, I think this can be a test of loyalty if they stick around.

My Personal View

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As I see it, if you have one identity to social bookmarking sites, and your own website or blog, more power to you! If you have two separate names, you must work a little harder to get to where you want, and it is not the end of the world either.

Figure out what will work for you, how comfortable you are with one identity, (or two identities), and go for it. There is really no set rules, or guaranty of success or failure! Do it from your guts and reach beyond limits.



  1. I do try to maintain the same identity on all social networks. I think doing otherwise would be confusing.

  2. For me, it's good to maintain the same identity, because my fans can follow my work. However, I can see an advantage of having two identities.

    You can hide away, and have totally different friends on a social networking site, without other serious writers knowing what you do when you moonlight as 'cherry' or 'dixie doll' in your own free time.

    Plus, you can have serious and not-so-serious writing personalities, which both needs letting out on different forums.

    There are advantages to both sides

  3. That should be 'need' instead of 'needs'

  4. I use the same identity. I used to use my logo but now I use a picture of me. I think it is more recognizable and more personal.

  5. I try as well to maintain one identity. And, I use the same picture on any one of them, to keep another form of identity the same (and be recognizable and personal - as Stacey says).

  6. Thank you Vered, Anne, Stacey, and Lance for your input.

    Also, your visit to my blog means a lot to me..I really appreciate your support! Thanks again!

  7. I think having the same identity is much more beneficial. The recognition is much faster.


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