Tuesday, September 16, 2008

To Add or Not to Add?

In an effort to understand how social bookmarking sites work, I read blogs after blogs, articles after articles, and I still don't have a clue! One person said this is good to do; while others advice against it.

I have questions upon questions, and can't seem to find the answers for them. One thing though, I find many great resources and beautiful pictures on StumbleUpon and Digg.

Why Do We Add Friends?

Well, one thing I understood is this: if you have friends, and when you hit the "stumble" button, you will see your friends' stumbles! That part is crystal clear!

On Digg, when you add friends, they can send "shout" to you, and you can shout back to them with your submission!

However, while stumbling, I do not see my friends on SU list that often, but I mostly see sites that are more tailored to my interests.

Very few of my SU friends stumble my discovered either! Since I hardly ever stumble through my friends discovered, I have to go to their blog to look for sites that are useful, or interesting to me.

Digg is another story! It depends on who your friends are! If your friend is a popular "Digger", chances are they have many shouts to Digg, and yours will be pushed down further on the list. Sometimes, your shout will even be missed!

Should we add friends?

Just as in the real world, we need to be careful in picking or adding friends to our network. Before adding, you should take a look at their blog, or their digg history to see if you have anything in common, or something useful in your areas of interests.

Why add friends if they are not stumble or digg your "stuffs"? Moreover, why add them if you are not even remotely like what they have on their profile? It is not fair for them, nor for you!

After adding friends back on Digg, I find myself digging for friends more than sites that I'm interested in to Digg. The thing is, I dugg their shouts, but mine went unnoticed! Thus, I had to "unfriend" with them just as well! I like to have my freedom to digg, and I like fair play!

Is it worth to add friends?

It is worth adding friends if the questions below serve you best:
  • Do you mind receive pages and pages send to you everyday for stumble and review?
  • Do they stumble and review your submissions?
  • Are they as active as you are?
  • Do they digg your shouts?
  • Do you share anything in common?
  • How much time do you have in a day to accommodate these tasks?
  • Do you like the pages you Digg, or Stumble from your friends?
  • Do you want to send your submission to your friends on SU, or shout your submission to your friends on Digg?
  • What would you like to see: massive traffic to your submission, or make it to the Digg front page?
  • Are you willing to put in that extra work or time to get the desired result?
Depending on your preferences, it is worth adding friends. For me, I chose to stay free-spirit! After a few bad experiences with people who added me, then right away asked me to submit and review their site, I'm a bit hesitated in adding friends. I don't want to be obligated to do what I don't like to do, especially if I have no interest in the subject!

I would rather have a fewer friends on my network that support each other, than hundred of friends who have nothing to do with one another!



  1. I add friends liberally. However, I'm not very active on digg and have turned off the Shout feature - it became too much.

  2. You make some fine points.

    I have 200 friends on my stumble. Reason is because in the beginning, I thought it was the thing to do. 200, being the max.

    But, if one wants their stumble experience to be at its best, you really should only add people who stumble the kind of things you most enjoy. I am in agreement.

    I do get annoyed sometimes when I get tons of things sent to me to be stumbled. But, hey - it comes with the territory. Sometimes I stumble it for them, other times not. Not too big a deal.

  3. I am a part of Digg, but I'm not a big user because I find it harder to easily find posts I'm interested in.

    I love StumbleUpon the most because I'm such an avid reader and I can tailor my reading list and share my finds. But I only add friends who have some good stumbles themselves and who read the kind of articles I do. I like pages on photography, art and design, self improvement, women, parenting, relationships, health, writing, and blogging.

    I have a good collection of stumbles myself and I do participate in stumbling exchanges, but only for posts that are "my kind of thing". And I get annoyed if the exchange becomes one way or people hassle me more than twice a week with posts to stumble.

    It is time consuming sometimes B.C and I think it's only a good idea if you enjoy sharing articles and meeting people online. That said, I have received some great traffic from StumbleUpon and it has got me some subscribers and wonderful online friends.

    Great article. I'm stumbling it!

    Kelly :)

  4. I agree! I have friends on SU who are basically free loaders. I stumble their work and they never ever even thumb up things I stumble.

    I can't say anything, because then I'll look like one of those people who send you sad messages.

    It is far better to have a few good, active friends.

    Fantastic insight here, and some noteworthy things to think about.

  5. Vered--Thank you for your comment!

    Bamboo Forest--Thank you for your visit. Can't wait for your next post!

    Kelly--I love SU too for the many great and interesting articles that I found.

    Thank you for stumble my post!

    Anne--I had to "unfriend" a few when they started to send me pages and pages in their past posts.

  6. These are some wonderful thoughts to ponder upon. You raised many valid points here. I'm very active on stumble with lots of friends. I send my submissions to them and most of them stumble them. I review the pages of my friends if I like them. But in digg, I find that I do not have common interests with my friends. Thank you for sharing these points.

  7. Meghna,

    SU is a wonderful community, and I really enjoy it too. If I submit anything, I usually don't send it to my friends, simply because I don't have time to do it individually.

    Digg, I'm not active either...Thank you for your comment!


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