Thursday, April 2, 2009

To Tweet or Not to Tweet

I am still on a quest to learn all about Twitter, a popular social bookmarking site that creating a huge wave online at the moment! I hear it all the time, and I see "Follow Me on Twitter" every where!

So What Are the Buzzes?
  • Sign up for an account is free, and free is good!
  • You have 140 characters to summarize your tweet.
  • You follow your friends and your friends follow you to check out each other tweet.
  • You can drive traffic to your blog, gain readers, or get customers to your market.
  • If you log into your Twitter account, you can see what your friends are doing/saying

My brain is growing by learning so much more information about Twitter every day.

As bloggers/writers, we all aim for readers and traffic to our blogs or articles. The only way to stay in this online business is to keep up with the trend. The hot spots for internet users are social bookmarking sites such as Facebook, MySpace, StumbleUpon, Digg, Mixx, Reddit and now Twitter.

Even if you are blogging for the sheer joy of writing, without the money added benefits, I'm sure you still want to have visitors to your blog.

Last week, DragonBlogger left me a comment, which I followed to his blog, and found this wonderful article written by him: Guide on How to Use Twitter.

If you are new to Twitter, check out these links!

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  1. Twitter sounds so tempting. On one hand, it's free, and it looks fun and easy. On the other hand, I'm afraid I would have to give something up to find time to use it. But then, it could bring blog traffic. Hard to decide. I do like your article because I want to know about these things.

  2. Thanks for referencing my articles, I have a whole category to cover twitter apps, guides and usage. I have almost 1000 followers on twitter, and I garner only about 200 visits per month from twitter on average, so it is more about having presence than anything else so far.

  3. i already have signed up for twitter right after i signed up facebook, but then, i still do not know how to use it. i will find the time to learn how to use this. and i still have to learn other sites, guess, blogging can be considered mental exercise especially for those like me who are technically challenged :(

  4. Yes, join twitter and then we can chat! I warn you though it is addictive. I like to tweet because ot provides me with communication with the outside world when I am stuck at my computer inside my house working. As a freelance writer/editor I can feel isolated and Twitter makes sure that never happens. It also has pulled people to my blog and if you are trying to make money online then I guess it would be great for networking.

    Try it.


  5. I tweet's some kinda of nice!

  6. I haven't really gotten into tweeting yet, but I did go over to DragonBlogger's website, and I quickly skimmed through the article. I'll have to come back to it some other time and read it more slowly, since it's very informative.

  7. Don't know if I have time to Twitter right now but might give it a go at some point in the future. Thanks for the info and the links.

  8. Diane,

    I'm on Twitter, but still not quite sure I know how navigate around yet..


    I like your article, because it is easy to understand, and you're welcome..


    Me too!


    I'm already following you, and saw your "tweet", but I'm still vague on how to use it.


    So when you tweet, someone answers you?


    Yes, it's a great article! I hope to have more time to explore it again!


    The more we get involved in these social bookmarking sites, the less time we have for our writing!..

  9. I am just a beginner on Twitter! I don't like Facebook because of all the scams in the ads on the site and the worry about security of data. Twitter is much easier but I need to learn more.

  10. Lizzie,

    Me too, I really don't know Twitter that well yet!

  11. I have a Twitter account as well and post my blog links there. I really don't like it too much and it doesn't bring me any real traffic. It just seems like a huge instant messaging site.


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