Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Thank You and Passing Them On

Jodi at Jodi's Journey have given two awards to Reach Beyond Limits. It feels great to get recognition for something I love to do. Through the blogsphere, I have seen so many beautiful blogs, and met many talented bloggers. Ordinary people do extraordinary things!

Liza at A Simple Life has also awarded me the One Lovely Blog yesterday! Double the fun!

On Jodi's Journey you can find humor, recipes, health issues, animals and everything else that Jodi wants to write about!

The first award is One Lovely Blog, and the rules are:

  • Upload the image in your post
  • Mention the person that gives you the award with their blog link
  • Nominate your blogs of choice with blog owner's name and link
  • Leave comment on the recipients' posts to let them know
Here are my choice:
  • Betchai at The Joys of Simple Life--You must visit this blog for the simple joys of amazing photos and her hiking experiences.
  • Jodapoet at Poetic Shutterbug--Among beautiful images, you will be delighted with her poetry, and inspiring posts.
  • T at Picture This--T took wonderful images of things that I have not thought off. You will sure enjoy visiting this blog on a daily basic.
  • Michele Cameron Drew at Poetic Expression--Michele is a multi-talented person, who has many beautiful blogs.
  • Diane C at Sabino Canyon--Diane keeps me intrigue with her life at Sabino Canyon with stunning images that she took.
The second award is the NENO award, and the rules are the same.

The NENO award defines as: "a dedication for those who love blogging and love to encourage friendships through blogging, and to help others seek the reasons why we all love blogging."

Here are my choice:

  • Judy Sheldon at Seeds For Thought--Judy is a true friend who always encourages me to write and very generous with her inspiring words.
  • Dabrah at Fickle Muse--Dabrah is one of the first people who gave me warm welcomed to the blogging world. She also takes wonderful pictures!
  • Michele Cameron Drew at By Any Other Name--I can't say enough about Michele! She is a talented poet, and tweaks her blogs every few weeks until they are gorgeous!
  • Loree at Stories and Scribbles--Loree always takes time to supports me whenever she can. She has a beautiful blog with amazing photos.
  • Liza at A Simple Life--Liza has a very nice blog and write about health, family deals, and ways to save money.
I was not about to do this post either, but I thought the sentiment of these awards worth mentioning.

Last but most important, I want to take this opportunity to THANK all my readers. Without you, this blog is a sad thing!

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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Try Pole Dancing to Jazz Up Your Workout

A new form of exercise has entered the market: Pole Dancing! It is not what you think! There is no stripping involved. There is no exotic teasing. It is just a great mixed of dancing moves to jazz up a boring work out!

Many women from all sorts of life have testified to this new trend, including lawyers, dentists, doctors, nurses, and engineers.

These women said that with pole dancing, you are building strong arms, shoulders, and the upper part of your body. You are doing the pull-ups and sit-ups on a vertical pole. You are toning every muscle in your body. Of course, pole dancing can also empower the feeling of being sexy, and there is nothing wrong with feeling sexy.

While using pole dancing as an exercise art form, you are wearing comfortable yoga outfits, not the type of performance skimpy clothes at the night clubs. The first four weeks of pole dancing, patrons are advised to go barefoot, and high heel shoes will be introduced later in to the program. Pole dancing offers a new way to exercise, and break away from the regular workout routines.

Moves of Pole Dancing

Pole Addiction in Ferndale, Michigan offers the following moves. It is one of the hottest locations around town.
• The Venus
• The Fireman
• The Princess
• Gorgeous
• The Dislocator
• Hurkey Swing
• The Ally Oop

Though I really don’t know what all of these moves are about, but the Ally Oop is said to be the gravity-defined move because they had a 96 year-old client on the pole at the grand opening. The beginner course includes more than 40 moves, and they also teach the Burlesque dance.

You can learn a bit about the Burlesque dance class on YouTube here:

Fitness has changed over time, and pole dancing offers “outside-the-box” experiences for people who are looking for different ways to jazz up their workout. If you are brave and daring enough, try pole dancing!

For Michigan residents, here are three websites to check out:

Pole Addiction
PoleFIT Revolution
Vixen Fitness: Pole Dance Class

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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Calling All Poets to Join the Contest

How would you like to win $300, or $150, or $50 for your poem? Many writers are also poets! I know quite a few right at the top of my head. These are friends from all over the internet.

Though poetry doesn't fit in to this blog theme, but it does tide in "making money with your writing" category. Also, I think it is best to broadcast the news on Reach Beyond Limits, since it has a greater readership.

If poetry is your forte, then try to enter the contest. Who knows, you may win first place, second place, or third place, and your poem will be feature on Blue Mountain Arts website.

All right, have I build up your excitement or anticipation yet?

Blue Mountain Arts Contest

Make sure you read the rules, and find out if they accept submission from international writers. There is no fee to enter this contest!

Speaking of contest, Michele Cameron Drew at Spectrum is also holding a writing contest. Check out her post to see if you would want to join in the fun.

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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Movie to Watch: The Women

Meg Ryan is my all time favorite actress, and I watched many of her movies over the years! She seems to stay out of media coverage for the most part, and her private life remains very private.

She heads as the main character in The Women movie along with her three girlfriends: Annete Bening, Debrah Messing, Jada Pinkett Smith, and the "other woman", Eva Mendes!

This group of women has been friends for a very long time, supports of each other, and remains close together. When Mary faces difficulty in her marriage, they all come together to see her through!

The Women won't make you cry or feeling depressed, but it shows the strength of friendship and closeness between women. It empowers the spirit of being women!

Each character in this movie represents a different walk of life, and as friends they are just there for each other!

Get your girlfriends together, make some popcorn, put your feet up, and have fun watching this movie!

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