Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A Collection of Fruits Articles

Summer time is here, and fruits are available in abundant. We all know that fruits providing us the needed vitamins, minerals, potassium, fiber, and low in calories.

At our house, fresh fruits take a large portion of space in the refrigerator. I stack up on many different types of fruits, but bananas, grapes, pears, strawberries, watermelon, plums, and kiwis are our favorites.


Taken from the page: "Banana is the world's favorite fruit, and banana plant is not a tree. It is the world's biggest herb. Bananas contain three natural sugars: sucrose, fructose, and glucose. Banana gives an instant and sustainable boost of energy. They are a good source of potassium, fiber, 110 calories each, approximately 6 vitamins, and 11 minerals. Bananas have many health benefits. Below are the six types of bananas that we often eat."

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Taken from the page: "How many types of pears do you know? How many different colors of pears do you see? For the first time in my life, I saw these wonderful types of pears, and their colors all in one local fruit market."

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Taken from the page: "Grapes come in many different colors. Some are green, some are white, some are red, and some are black. Each color also has different shades of each own. Grapes are a good source of vitamin A, C and B6. They also contain folate, potassium, calcium, phosphorus,magnesium, iron, selenium, copper, manganese, zinc, fiber and protein."

Five Other Fruits

Taken from the page: "What are your favorite fruits? Strawberry, kiwi, watermelon, plum, and avocado are loaded with many health benefits. These fruits are great as snacks throughout the day.

Summer is upon us and with that we are blessed with an abundant of fresh fruits and vegetables. I love fruits of all kind. Strawberries, avocados, kiwi, watermelon, and plums are among many favorites for many people."


I hope you will find time to read these articles, and eat more fruits this summer. They are delicious and so very good for you.

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  1. oh, i love fruits too Icy, and thank you so much for all the information, did not know banana is the world's favorite fruit, but i can understand why. it is actually also our "fruit on the go", so easy and convenient to put in backpack when we go hiking and grab it when we need rest :) my favorite fuits are avocado, cherries, mangoes and a lot from the Philippines I do not know the English name :(

  2. I didn't know that the banana was the world's biggest herb. It is one of my favorite fruits along with pears, strawberries and avocados. That fruit basket picture is cute, looks like palm tree and cactus shapes in there. I love all the great fruit article links! :)

  3. I love bananas as well. I eat many fruits and I found out that the pear is also a good source of fiber. They make great snacks and a good alternative to the things we should not be eating like cookies, candy etc... Great post Icy.

  4. I'm craving a fruit salad now. I sometimes think of fruit as "fast food". When I'm hungry and I'm in a hurry, I just grab (a fruit) and go!

  5. Banana is not a tree? It is brand new to me.
    I love to take banana, it helps to prevent muscle cramp during exercise.

  6. Thanks Icy for the wonderful information regarding fruits. I love eating fruits any time of day!

  7. I love fruits too. That article was very interesting. I did not know that bananas are a type of herb.

  8. betchai,

    I love fruit and the summer is perfect for indulgence of many fruits.


    Strawberries, watermelon, and blueberries are my favorites for the summer.


    I like firm pears, and eat with the skin for fiber, but I have to peel the skin off for my kids.


    They are the healthy "fast foods", and I love them.


    I like fried bananas while I was in Thailand..


    Thank you, and me too!


    I learned that from researching also.

  9. I have an award to pass on to you, if you will accept it! Come visit my blog to pick it up. I truly enjoy visiting your blog! :)

  10. Awesome and great post. That's why I heart bananas.

  11. Annette,

    Thank you for thinking of me.


    Fruits are so good for you..I love them..

  12. omigosh, love these, love these, love these!!!


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