Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Easy Way to Put Comment Widgets on Your Blog

I have been toying around with the idea of putting Top Commentors and Recent Comments widgets on my website for a while. Though I didn't want my website to look so busy with too many different things, and widgets; I've decided to install them to see how these will work out!

After reading from other articles, below are the benefits from having these gadgets on your site:

  • Encourage readers to leave a comment
  • Let your readers know their comments are appreciated

How to Put Top Commentors Widget on Your Blog

I have spent all day reading, and testing out widgets for Top Commentors, and I found the best one on Blogger Widget website.

Step by step guide:
  • Then click on the first gray button: Add Top Commentors Widget to Blogger
  • Look for the pop-up window
  • Type in to your blog URL (Do not add the / after dot com or it won't work)
  • Follow three simple instruction on that window: change setting, customize, and add widget to blog
If you follow this direction, you will see the names of the top ten commentors on your blog, and the numbers of comments they've left.

How to Put Recent Comments on Your Blog

I found the easiest way to put the Recent Comments Widget on MadTomato website, and the the direction is below:
  • Click on the box and copy the code
  • In your layout, add gadget
  • Pick HTML/Javascript
  • Paste the code into the gadget
  • Change the word "YourOnBlog" to your URL, and the number "100" to 25 if you want to.
  • Click save
Now you have both Top Commentors and Recent Comments widgets on your blog! It is nice to know who has left a comment without having to check emails. It is also a way to show link luv as they said in the blogosphere.

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  1. I like the comment widgets you found. I'll try one on my blog because I want my readers to know I appreciate their comments. Thanks for the neat idea and instructions. :)

  2. Icy, you are always my gift from heaven. I have been thinking of finding a top commentators widget on my blog, and here you are, sharing what you have learned. many thanks to you, will do it :)

  3. Yeah it is pretty easy indeed but when you have commentluv there is a flaw right now with blogger and the count doesn't sum up properly. Well, thats what I have though I hope commentluv releases their latest plug in for blogger. ;-)

  4. Very interesting. Your posts about all things from the Blogging world are of great help to me especially since many times I do not have the time to check out these things for myself. So thanks again. And hopefully, t hrough your recent article I will soon be able to put up a slideshow on my blog.

  5. You always have the best tips and information. You certainly help me out alot. Thanks Icy.

  6. Diane,

    These are the easiest way to get the comment widgets..I tried at least 5 others and they are not working properly..


    Maybe I can read your mind :-)


    Blogspot has commentluvs when you sign your name...You have a fancy one!


    I hope it helps!


    Thank you!

  7. Thank you. I'll sure add this feature :)

  8. I will have to look into these, thanks!

  9. It's really cool. The first one was so unique...I may try one of these. Thanks, Icy!

  10. Mae,

    Thanks Mae!


    It's a fun thing to have..


    Yes, it is, and I like it!

  11. This is great, Icy. This is a great way to show your readers that you appreciate their comments. You did a great job breaking down how to put the widget on the blogs.

  12. Icy, you are so innovative. Thanks. I love this!

  13. Icy, you're a sweetie. i've been toying with this idea for ahile but i feel shy. maybe after my hundredth post. thanks so much for the big lift!

  14. Thanks, I was looking for these. ;-)

  15. I just done it! Thanks a million for the tip

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