Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Berries From the Prickly Bush

Along my front yard, we have a row of this prickly bush that served as a fence between our property and the next door neighbor. This bush changes colors depending on the weather, and the leaves are red at this time of the year.

Below are their berries in ruby red.

Red Leaves and Berries

The first time I take notice of this bush was in early summer, and realized there were flowers on them. The tiny flowers were just gorgeous as they showed up in my camera.

All Red

Though I enjoy watching the changes from this prickly bush, I do not like cleaning them. It seemed to catch many different types of garbage, especially plastic bags, and the thorns are very painful to the touch.

One Long Branch of Berries

This one branch is full of berries, and the birds feast on them. I always see birds weaving in and out of this bush, fighting, and making lots of noise. In the afternoon, when the sun is high, the birds also take their rests among the branches there.

Stand Out

Each section of this bush changes at different time. Depending on how much sun it received, there is part of the bush that's red, yellow, and yellowish green.

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  1. I guess the birds, somehow, manage to evade the thorns. Do they eat the berries or, are they, like so many bright and pretty berries,poisonous?

  2. Carmen--I think the birds ate them. There are no more berries on this bush now.

  3. These are definitely unique looking. I haven't seen anything similar. Great shots Icy.

  4. A very pretty bush, great photos Icy. I have a similar bush but mine doesn't have blooms or berries, it does have nasty thorns.

  5. Oh, so inviting hahaha...i wish their edible Icy.

  6. The birds do love these - God's way of providing for them when there is no other food about. Because of the thorns (and bitter taste) no other creature could get to, or like the berries. The birds snuggle in between the prickles and have a feast.
    Lovely, colourful pics for this time of year.

  7. Perhaps the bird ate it all because I saw some of those around the neighborhood and birds most esp crows feast on it.

  8. Great pics, Icy. They are really nice.

  9. Love your pics. I have been admiring the leaves of these shrubs this year and they put me in the mind of your new header. Aren't they beautiful the way they change so many different colors?

  10. Beautiful blog, have a nice day Radka.

  11. Pretty bush, I wonder if it is related to the Hawthorn or Cottoneaster family.

  12. This plant is called Japanese Barberry. It is an invasive species- meaning it came from another country, and it has spread unchecked in the U.S. The birds will eat the seeds, but they don't provide the same nutrition as native plants that bear fruit at that time of year. Although this plant is lovely, and creates a nice hedgerow, it causes lots of other problems in the environment.


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