Tuesday, January 26, 2010

How To Put a Re-Tweet Button on Your Blog

Twitter and Facebook have become the giant social networking websites for many of us. From celebrities to businesses we all see buttons like these: Find Us/Me on Facebook, or Follow Us/Me on Twitter.

I can't help but join the buzz as an online writer/blogger. I actually have these accounts for two years now since I started writing on Triond, Associated Content, and eHow. These accounts used to serve as the places to share my articles.

Lately, I have read many articles about getting a "Re-Tweet" button for article or post. With a re-tweet button available, your reader might do just that, and that is "re-tweet" your post.

Where to Get the Re-Tweet Button

You can get the HTML code for the Re-Tweet button on this website TweetMeme Button. You will find many different type of codes, and depend on what suited your blog you will pick one of these HTML code to use.

I decide on the first code for simplicity.

How to Put the HTML Code on Your Blog

Decide where you would like to put the Re-Tweet button in your blog. You could either put the code in each post or you could put it in your post template. If you decide on the post template, then you don't have to do it every time you post new content. It will appear automatically after each post. I prefer the post template option.

  • Sign into your blogger account
  • Copy the code TweetMeMe Button
  • In your dashboard, select "Settings"
  • Select "Formatting"
  • Scroll down until you see "Post Template"
  • Paste the code in this area, and click Save Settings
Congratulation! Now you have a retweet button on your post! If you see it on other blogs, be kind and retweet it, and hopefully they will do the same.

Here is an article on How to Get a Twitter Button for Your Blog, you know the one that say "Follow Me on Twitter".

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  1. i got that one too. also the facebook share button

  2. Great tips Icy. I have resisted Twitter till now. Does it really help?

  3. agentmango-thanks for stopping by!

    cornyman--I went on the site you've provided here, and then went on many other sites. It's way too complicated to find the codes..Thanks anyway!

    Jo--You're welcome..

    Loree--it helps to spread the post to your twitter followers.

  4. You always have so much good information, Icy!

  5. Another great, helpful post that I simply MUST steal for my writing blog. Thanks for the tip.

  6. I am not signed in twitter and not even an active FB user =P

  7. Ooh tech talk! Thank you for sharing, Icy! I do not know how to use twitter yet... I know, pathetic right! hehe... I'll learn... :)

  8. Thanks for the information. I'm thinking about starting a blog again so this info will come in handy.

  9. Icy, you have the most helpful tips. I learn so much from you. Thanks!

  10. Twitter is really awesome, and yeah tweetmeme button really helps increase the exposure :)

  11. Love this button! The easier it is for your readers to share your article the better!


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