Monday, March 15, 2010

Blue Candle Holders

I just realize that I have many blue things around my house! In fact, my eyes are drawn to blue color nowadays! This is what happens to me when I join memes such as Blue Monday, Mellow Yellow, or Ruby Tuesday. My mind is gearing me to those colors, and suddenly I notice things that I didn't before.

I have no complain whatsoever when the reflection of this glass block window, and the blue candle holders caught my eyes. Something about it on that day totally spoke to me.

It was the first time that I noticed these candle holders! Yes, I bought them years ago to dress up this window, but I didn't see their beauties.

I remember used them once when we had the electric black out many years ago! The tea light candles burnt very fast and created a mess within so I stop using them and just prop them for decoration.

By the way, I posted similar pictures of this window, which concentrate more on the reflections of the glass block, on Wandering Thought for Weekend Reflections.

On the last note, with the time changed yesterday I was totally "out of order" for some reasons. I lost an hour sleep, and had to go night-night an hour early. What about you? Does the time change affect you at all?

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  1. I really like those candle holders. They are so classic.

  2. I love the touch of blue. Time change doesn't much affect me. Happy blue Monday!

  3. Neat candle holders! Happy Blue Monday!

  4. lovely candle holders - I like the way the light can illuminate them at the window.

    Our clocks spring forward at the end of the month - it takes me about a week to get my sleep pattern sorted out again.

  5. I like those candle holders. My son would approve - blue is his favourite colour.

  6. I love blue too! Those are very pretty candle holders!

  7. The candle holders do make a good decorative in front of the glass window. How pretty. I use tealight candles daily but I don't put them in candleholders just glass cups. No messes to clean up!

  8. These are great candle holders. My mom and aunt like a lot of candles. Maybe I will buy some like these for my mom for Mother's Day. I think she would really like these.

  9. I do love your window, it is so creative. Those blue candle holders are gorgeous.


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