Friday, March 26, 2010

Fuzzy Red Flowers

These flowers were from my last summer collection, but they got lost in my archive. Many stores and local nurseries are ready to display their flowers for the early pickers, and I want to be one of them.

This flower is on my list to re-grow for the summer, since I like the fact that it has continuous blooms throughout the warm months.

Although these flowers have no petals and are different from what we normally see, I like the silky look on them. They also can tolerate direct afternoon sun.

To keep these flowers healthy and blooming, I add used coffee ground as fertilizer before re-planting them in the pot, and water them either early in the morning, or late in the evening.

Are you ready to plant your flowers? After a long winter, I think I'm more than ready to get my hands in the dirt.

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  1. They're beautiful! I love how different they are from pansies and marigolds. Every spring I get so excited about the prospect of planting, but I am really SO bad at it! I wish I had a greener thumb.

  2. What amazing shots! I love the colors of those super-red flowers!

  3. I like those fuzzy red flowers and the leaves too. I'm going to try growing some flowers from seed this year. I just have to remember to water them enough.

  4. What beautiful flower shots! I'm a flower "shooter" myself. Love doing it. Love getting right in there for them!

  5. Wow. They are red. I have to get ready to start thinking about the garden this year. I love pretty flowers : )

  6. beautiful shots. the color is fantastic.

  7. Are they astilbe? I didn't know you could use coffee grounds directly as fertiliser.

  8. They look like Astilbes. Are they? I love astilbe.

  9. Icy, you know I've seen these in person but your photos are better than the real ones :) Amazing!

  10. Beautiful, I love the vibrant color of the bloom. Celosia I think?

    I can hardly wait to get my planters filled but it's still very cool here at night.

  11. You have some beautiful shots there! The colours are magnificent.

  12. Oh I miss home! We have this kind of plant back home and they instantly brings back happy memories. thanks for sharing.

  13. Great shots, love these pics and plants.

  14. beautiful Icy, I see them a lot here, but I do not know the name :(

  15. They are very different and nice to see around for sure.

  16. The pics are really beautiful. I love the shade of these flowers. They look like they might be pink too. :)


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