Monday, March 1, 2010

Pretty Blue Plate

I confessed my obsession with Thrift Stores to you a few weeks ago when I found the Blue Sugar Jar at a cheap price. It was such an exciting rush, and now my nephew Roco even mentioned the treasures that we had found there.

Ok, today is not a show and tell day, but this plate was blue, for Blue Monday, and had a bit of yellow for Mellow Yellow. So why not just show and tell anyway?

Can you guess how much I paid for this beautiful salad plate? Roco and I love this blue color, and the flower design on this plate. We couldn't pass it up! Well, did you give up on guessing? It was 50 cents, and when we got home Roco asked me, "Will you serve me lunch on that beautiful blue plate?"

So the fifty cents was well spent, and the joy on a kid's face was worth it!

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  1. You did a great job finding those ble plates at a Thrift store. I never seem to be so lucky.

  2. It's easy enough to make him happy. Happy Blue Monday.

  3. I have a yellow and a green plate to match your blue one. I love the cheerfulness of the plates.

  4. Awesome. I miss shopping in thrifty shops too ;-( Roco is so smart to be asking that!

  5. I really like those thrifty purchases. My kinda shopping.

  6. That's a very pretty blue plate.. Happy Blue Monday!

  7. Marvelous find, I love the color and design! I have always enjoyed treasure hunting at thrift stores.

  8. That is a very beautiful, intense blue!

    Thanks for your visit to my Blue Monday post and your nice comment. I'm tickled that you like my turkey vulture header shot! =)

    I like your header, too; it's mesmerizing.

    Happy Blue Monday!

  9. Like a blue plate special, only that plate is very special!
    ♥, Susan

  10. Don't you just love going to Thrift Shops??? The thrill of the Hunt!

  11. My name is Irene and I too am an addict of thrift stores. Happy Mellow Yellow Monday.

  12. I love thrift store shopping, too and this is just a great bargain!

  13. Love your plate and love your bargain hunting. I remember when mine were so easy to please. :-)

  14. You got a fantastic bargain Icy, a beautiful blue plate and a little boy's smile for fifty cents. That is a great color of blue.

  15. Definitely a treasure I would've liked to snap up. The design in the middle is pretty.

  16. that is beautiful...its a shame to eat on that! and 50 cents, what a find!

    have a happy tuesday, icy!

  17. I love the colors on this plate and only 50 cents? I need to come out there and do some shopping.

  18. That's great that you didn't spend that much for your plate. Thrift stores are great places to save money.

  19. hi icy, that's a pretty plate!


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