Friday, March 5, 2010

Throughout a Week

I put together a collage of my sky pictures throughout a week. It is neat to see the changes in that seven days all at one glance.

We were blessed with a wonderful week, plenty of sun and blue sky. It is also early in March, and gloomy days are normal around here.

We enjoy the weather as much as we could, gray days and all. It is just wonderful to be outside even for just a short time.

This bird seemed as if he/she was snoozing in the sun. The sky was just blue without even a cloud insight.

Even though the winter was rough, some tree branches, like this one above, still held berried intact. The red berries color turned into a deeper, much darker red than the original of bright red.

We had dramatic days like this view above too, where the cloud formation signaled the coming of storm. I don't like storm, but I do like watching and taking pictures of the sky when it's in transformation.

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  1. Great pictures, you took some really beautiful shots!

    Thanks for stopping by, I'm following you now as well. :)

  2. Beautiful pictures, and I love the collage idea of the entire week!

  3. Beautiful pictures! Visiting from "Friday Follow"...I'm your newest follower! Love for you to come visit me :)

    Have a great weekend!
    ~Shelley @ Shelley's Swag

  4. I love that last picture. Oddly, I don't like dark, gloomy days but the picture is stunning in the way the tree hangs over the entire frame and the clouds are visible in the background.

  5. I take sky pictures particularly sunset pictures. My living room faces west and I live near the ocean so we have some really spectacular sunset on some days if it's not foggy. I like the contrast in your last picture with the tree in the forefront and a dark sky.

  6. Gorgeous photos. I'm in NW Ohio :) Isn't the sun glorious, I'm enjoying every moment because I'm pretty sure it won't last.

    I'm your newest follower, thanks for being mine :)

  7. I really like your sky mosaic, Icy! The contrast of gloom with blue sky is interesting and the layout is creative.

  8. The bird looks so comfortable up there and I love the last dramatic photo, it is amazing.

  9. Hello,looks really cold there.Nice to meet you.Happy Friday follow!

  10. Amazing how it looks in a collage. Very temperamental skies. :-)

  11. wow... it was great that you captured every moment. our week was crazy too but i cannot complain. just what my hubby said... you live in Maine where the weather changes every 5 minutes so learn how to live with it.

  12. These are great sky pictures and the collage of the whole week was a fun idea! It's amazing how the sky changes from day to day and sometimes even minute by minute. I love taking pictures of the sky before and during a storm....the clouds can look so dramatic!

    Thanks for leaving me a comment on my skywatch photos, I'm glad you liked them. :)

  13. these are very beautiful pictures, Icy, wow, love all of them and the mosaic blends so well, so peaceful and inspiring.

  14. wonderful and I have similar skies!

  15. Amazing shots, Icy! Each one a beautiful composition! BUT the mosaic is the bomb! Everything came together nicely! What did you use to create that lovely mosaic! Like it!!! Teehee. :)

  16. Gorgeous pictures. Sometimes the cloud formations are quite amazing.
    I'm seeing signs of spring here, and it does lift my spirit.

  17. Stopping by from Friday Follow. Beautiful photos I love the photo collage! I see a lot of interesting posts on your blog. Hope you can stop by my blog and check out my paintings sometime!


  18. I'm surprised by what Ruthi said about Maine weather, as they teach us that about Michigan weather too. :-) Love your pics, Icy. They are really nice, especially the collage.

  19. Love the mosaic! The sky behind the little bird is an amazing shade of blue. The last photo is so dramatic, a very stormy scene.

  20. I loved your pics. The weather has been pretty nice here in New Jersey too. It was actually 60 degrees here today.


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