Friday, March 12, 2010

With The Bird Houses

Today the sky seems like it is trying to brighten up with just a patch of light here and there. I saw this spot in the parking lot where I dropped JoJo off for school. It rained last night, and all the snow have melted.

I am hoping the sun will fully come out again. I like Friday since it gives me a sense of relaxation, and not having to rush out of the house the next morning. JoJo likes it too because he doesn't have to go to bed early.

Driving around the neighborhood, I saw this bird house and the lighter sky color around it. It is just enough to think that our day will not be so gloomy.

For those that think how dangerous it was to drive and take picture, it is not so. I came to a complete stop to snap this picture above. I don't even like seeing people on the phone while driving, so I know the danger. It looks like a homemade bird houses, but it is so unique to see.

Enjoy other Sky Watch photos from around the world.

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  1. Great shots of the sunlight through a hole in the clouds and also of the birdhouses against the sky!

  2. Lovely sky watch. Sometimes I want to join, but thinking, how many pictures could I take of the clouds? :-) but you are very creative.

  3. Delightful birdhouse pictures!

  4. I really like the unique pyramid shaped bird house. And also the little birdhouses look like they're fastened onto plumbing pipes, very creative!

  5. I don't like seeing drivers on the phone either. I've seen a couple of drivers grooming themselves, talking on the phone, and driving. So very dangerous!

    We've had so much rain in San Francisco since January, it's so weird. We never got this kind of storm system.

  6. beautiful pictures of bird houses Icy, and the bare trees are awesome.

  7. I love birdhouses. I can't wait to see my frequent visitors in my backyard.

  8. Such dainty looking bird houses, Icy! They are lovely! :)

  9. I love your bird houses & am glad you pull over.

  10. Wonderful pictures! and lovely bird houses. I really agree with you. I hate those who drive while on the phone risking their life as well as others, i ve been a victim of one such mishap...dropped in via FF, do visit my blog when you have time...nice blog and good to read, cheers!

  11. Great bird houses Icy and I love the sun peaking through those clouds.

  12. lol! I don't think you could drive and take photos. That first shot though dark and gloomy has a mysterious and beautiful feel to it.

    The birdhouses are such a joy to see and the sky shots beautiful.

  13. Great job with these pics! I am also happy to finally see the sun shining. It was raining so much this past weekend. I was caught in it on Saturday and then I just didn't feel like doing anything after that. LOL!


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