Saturday, March 27, 2010

What Types of Car Are You Driving?

While driving down the road today to my son soccer's practice, I noticed the couple in front of us in their beautiful lexus ls 600h, and thought how nice the car looks.

Yes, I don't have preferences for any particular car, but that car was just very catching to my eyes. It was like a teaser day for me, a minute later, another couple pull right up to us at the traffic light in their lexus is. All two couples are well dressed, which lead me to think about social division status in our society.

I have to admit, I grow up to recognize a certain types of cars mean a higher status of social ranking, but it never has a hold on my thinking. Those Lexus cars are beautiful and more than I can afford. Then again, sometimes I wonder if I could afford any types of cars, would I prefer to be in one or would I care to have one?

I'm just honestly happy for those who can indulge their dreams in expensive cars, just as I am happy for others who drive a hyundai genesis, or a chevy traverse. I don't see the difference!

For me, all cars roll down the street on four wheels, basically, including some old rusty cars. They might not look nice, but they are drivable just like the nice looking ones. What about you? Do you think the types of car you drive determine your social standard, or it doesn't matter to you?

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  1. As much as I like to look at luxury cars, I would rather have an inexpensive car. :)


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