Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Where To Get a New Look For Your Blog, Free

I'm sure you have seen many beautiful blogs with gorgeous background, and you probably want to give your blog a new look. Spring fever is in the air, and I'm restless too. We are caught in-between weather, so what else to do but spruce up our blog.

Now, where do you find these backgrounds that show or represent your personality? I have collected some websites for you to browse and pick out your liking. The best thing is, they are all FREE!

Hot Bliggity Blog

This website has so many beautiful backgrounds for 2 and three columns. You can dress up your blog depending on seasons, or express how you feel.

The Cutest Blog on The Block

You will find plenty of background for your blog on this website, which also offer background for your Twitter's account. There are banners, blinkies, and button too!

Shabby Blogs

Find beautiful background designs on this website, plus blinkies, buttons, and headers for free. If you have a three columns template blog, click on that link to find your background.

The Background Fairy

You can find a variety of backgrounds, and the direction on how to install it on your blog right on this website. Just remember to pick the right one for your template, and some backgrounds even come with a header or banner.

Aqua Poppy Designs

This website has many wonderful backgrounds for you to choose from. Just click on "free background", find the one you like for your template, follow direction to install it and you will have one of those beautiful blogs.

Scrappin' Blogs

As the title said, the backgrounds on this website are designed especially for those who have scrapping blogs, but it could be used for other blogs as well. Pick one you like, install it and see a new face lift on your blog.

Each website offers different backgrounds for free. The hard part is to decide on which one best suited you. You will find instruction to install your new background on all these websites that I've listed here, or you could also special order your own from these talented artists.

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  1. Thank you for all your wonderful info. Be blessed. Cindy

  2. They look fantastic. Thanks for the heads up.

  3. I like the Scrappy Blogs one as they have twitter backgrounds aswell. I never realised you could change your facebook background.

    Cutestblog on the bloc was one of the first sites that I used - plus they have good tips too for doing other things with your blog.

    A few sites there I've never heard of before. Thanks for the info

  4. Thanks for the links! That's great that these sites let you change your blog for free.

  5. Icy, You are the source for so much info! Thanks!!

  6. Great list, thanks for sharing. I like to change mine now and then.

  7. Great links. I love Shabby Blogs and Cutest Blog on the Block.

  8. Informative post! What finds, now just find the time to visit and absorb. Thank you.

  9. Great information Icy, thanks for all the links.


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