Saturday, March 27, 2010

Window Boxes for All My Planting Needs

As spring is already here, and I have started to plant my zinnia flowers from seeds, I am constantly keeping my eyes out for those unique and beautiful window box planters. My little garden area is only big enough to plant a few vegetables, which become foods for the squirrels anyway.

I have a row of window boxes along my driveway for flowers, and I love them as bring colors to soften the look of concrete. I plant different types of flowers each summer since there are so many that I like.

I also have some pots for growing herbs after the mint took over the entire yard very much. Weeding them out is hard and continuous labor, so I found pots or planter box work best to contain them.

Gardening is one of the things I enjoy doing during the summer, and so are my kids. Their curiosity makes it even more interesting, and easy for me to instill the idea of growing and taking care of the earth as an early age.

Usually the kids get a pot or two for each. They decide what to grow in their own pots and responsible for keeping their flowers/vegetables healthy. We try to conserve water by catching rain for watering our garden.

Although the weather is still a bit on the colder side, we have prepared our pots, plant zinnia flowers, and wait for warmer time to grow our vegetables. I can't wait to get to work in my garden and watching everything comes to live.

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  1. Such lovely window boxes. Yes, mint will take over and is hard to get rid of. We too have planted it in a pot now and are slowly re-planting flowers and other plants.

  2. Window boxes are so charming and brings life to concrete and stucco. I think that is wonderful that your children have their own to plant and nourish.

  3. I think that is great that the kids want to plant things too. They can get started planting things now. What a great idea!

  4. it's a nice and simple solution to planting and beautifying our windows


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