Sunday, April 18, 2010

Coupons Can Save You Lots of Money

Living frugal is nothing new to me, in fact, it is kind of second nature to me. I clip coupons for normal every day shopping, and look for Travel coupons when I am going on a trip. It doesn't matter if I am just going to the next State, or across the map.

We have a family function coming up in California for August, and already I am looking at Travelocity coupon code to see if I can book our tickets at a cheaper price! It is nice to be rich and don't have to worry about the price tag, but in my case I have to watch where my money goes, every bit of it.

I also found Orbitz promotion code and they have wedding packages for group, which will work out well for my family. We have over 10 people in Michigan alone, and that should qualify us as a group I hope.

If traveling is on your plan in the near future, check out these sites to see if you can find some savings. There are all kind of offers, even for those that travel to different countries. The coupons include hotels, airline tickets, and some popular stores.

Take advantage of these coupons offer, you could save yourself lots of money!

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  1. thanks for the info Icy, like you, I always pay attention to the best price or deal when flying and in almost everything, a little money saved here and there can go a very long way.

  2. Icy, I'm with you; saving money is necessary. Thanks for the tips.

    Get well and God bless.

  3. As a single mom, raising three sons with no child support, I couldn't have survived without coupons. I saved incredible amounts of money on groceries, outings and travel. I continue to be a coupon shopper.

  4. Thanks for the info. I did now know the coupons could be used outside the US.

  5. Oh, Yes! I'm definitely one for saving and using coupons. As you said, they can save you a bundle and are worth the time you take to cut or seek them out.

  6. Thanks for the links! I think it is a great idea for all of us to find ways to save money.


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