Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Red Tulips

Here are some red tulips in my garden, from last year! Our flowers seem to bloom much later than other people in the neighborhood, since the sun is blocked by big trees.

I took care of those big branches last week so now we would have more sun for our garden area.

I have no plan for vegetables this year since wild bunnies and squirrels got to them before they could even grow. These pesky animals even eat my daffodils. It was a constant struggle for me to keep up.

I will wait a while for the tulips and the daffodils to finish with their cycle, and begin on planting sunflowers. I want to see continuous blooming flowers in our garden.

In this little spot we have red, yellow, and white tulips. They are happily grown along the side of daffodils, and the deep purple color of Hyacinthe. Is your garden in bloom? What is your plan for this summer?

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  1. Beautiful tulips Icy. I tried to grown them once but it is too hot here and there is not much rain so I only got the stems but no flowers.

  2. Icy, Jeannie makes a hot sauce spray that deters deer from eating her vegetation. Do you think that would work for your problem. I'll get the recipe.

    Love your tulips. God bless!

  3. LOVELY!!! That last one is a great capture with the water droplets!!

  4. Hello, Happy Ruby Tuesday.

    Very pretty red tulips. Why not try planting a garden, but covering it with chicken wire to keep the rabbits/ other animals out.
    Plan to plant couple tomato plants and oregano, parsley plant, and some annual flowers in the front garden.

  5. very nice...it's such a shame about your plants getting eaten..i've never heard of the squirrels doing that!

  6. I so love tulips... they make me smile. I love the last photo because the dew drops added some drama to the photo. Thanks for sharing.

  7. I am waiting for my tulips, though I think most of mine are pastel, this is a nice deep red. Beautiful.

  8. Beautiful tulips, the red ones are my favorite every year. I had a yellow one that bloomed this morning but we are getting high winds so taking photos is impossible, maybe a video?


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