Sunday, April 18, 2010

Shadow of Crabapple Tree

While I was out taking pictures of the newly blooms crabapple tree in the backyard, I saw this shadow on the brick wall from the branches.

There were many other shadows in this corner of our house, but this branch came out clearer, and more beautiful than others.

Here is a broader view of these branches. I love looking at new green leaves, and buds, and flowers. This crabapple has beautiful flowers from light pink, to darker pink, to almost red.

When the buds are in the shade, they have light pink color, with a touch of while streaks through the petals, but when they are exposed to the sun, they have almost red flowers. In general, this is a beautiful tree, with gorgeous flowers.

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  1. I remember this tree! I think I actually have a couple from last summer...I got it from my GF's church! I didn't know -until I saw your post again that they could be CrabApple Tree.

  2. Lovely shots, shadow pics are great.

  3. I do love these flowers. The shade is exquisite! It seems to get deeper and richer as the flowers age.

  4. Pretty shadow shots, I also like the pictures of the flowers in each stage of bloom!

  5. Beautiful shots and I like the presentation.

  6. Beautiful shots Icy, the shadows on the brick are great. I really like the last shot with the blooms and shadows.

  7. Your CrabApple tree is lovely! It casts some sweet shadows against the bricks! The joys of spring!

    Hope you have a great week ahead :)

  8. Beautiful, Icy. Crab apples are pretty good too. :-)

  9. Shadows always give our gardens a different kind of energy!Lovely mosaic of the crabapple blooms!Have a wonderful day chasing shadows!

  10. I loved the shadows but the flowers are simply gorgeous.

  11. I love the different patterns that your photos have captured. Beautiful lighting too. Thank you for sharing with Today's Flowers. I have enjoyed my visit.

  12. I really enjoyed looking at these beautiful pics. As I mentioned before, I love your shadow pics.


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