Saturday, May 29, 2010

Shadow of Tree Blossoms

We were lucky to have a few hot days this week, and the children at the school were out to draw on sidewalk. There were many beautiful art work, but this one caught my eyes since there was the shadow of the tree.

This tree was full of budding flowers, and I have showed this same tree's shadow before when it was in winter. You can see it here!

This tree was full of little pink and white buds when I took the pictures of its shadow, and then we have a couple weeks of rain. The flowers though are completely white.

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  1. I can actually smell the perfume of those white blossoms right thru the blog post. Great shot. Have a good weekend. Is it a holiday for you? Rosemary

  2. I especially like the one with the chalk flowers. and the shadows of the tree blossoms.

  3. What delightful shadow shots! I love them all and the flowers are beautiful! Hope you're enjoying a lovely weekend!


  4. The chalk art is cute! That's quite a contrast between the winter photos and the current photo of the tree!

    Have yourself a great week :)

  5. Beautiful shadows! The first one is really special.

  6. beautiful shadow shots Icy, hope you continue to have a great weather.

  7. I like the tree shadows and the sidewalk art. The white blossoms look fantastic against the blue sky!

  8. Icy, nice shots. We have a budding young artist too.

    Have a wonderful week end.

  9. These shots are very nice, Icy. Thanks for sharing.

  10. just like the apple tree here with all the pretty flowers before... sunny days are up now

  11. Your shadow shots, Icy always amaze me. They are just so crisp, clear and creative. The flowers are beautiful.

  12. What a wonderful shot of the shadows and chalk art, great catch Icy.

    In case you are wondering my hubby took a few extra days off from work to make it a really long holiday. It was fun to just hang out together for awhile. I will be posting very soon.


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