Saturday, June 26, 2010

Bicycles In the Lot

While waiting for my daughter to get the paper work done, I walked around to look for things to shoot. I saw these bicycles in the bike parking lot in front of her dorm! There were so many of them left abandoned and carelessly.

It was a hot sunny day, so the shadows were just out to play. I love it, and took a bunch of pictures. It was an opportunity that I could not resist or pass up.

Although I still look for shadows to shoot, I've missed posting them for a while. Summer is officially here and the kids are finally out of school; hopefully we can get into some sorts of a routine.

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  1. ...those bikes look so nice to ride on with... but poor me... don't know how to bike... i was never given even for a single chance to try some...(^^)

    Take care!


  2. Oh my, the bikes do look topsy turvy but what fascinating shots you've captured! The crisp wobbly shadow shapes are fun. :)

  3. Icy I left the comment about the shadows on the post below, so I should I tell you that I love the fan leaf?

    Take care & God bless! ;-)

  4. These bicycles are forced to enjoy sunbathing in the summer.

  5. Judy, the post below doesn't have fan leaf either...LOL..What are you drinking my dear?

  6. These are fun shadows! Bikes create the best shadowy patterns! Hope you have a fun week ahead, enjoying your summer :)

  7. The bikes look confused. Kinda neat.

  8. I just had to giggle when I saw that Kass said they look confused....I agree but confused sure made some great photos!!!

  9. The bikes are a little scattered aren't they, typical kids. I love your shadow shots Icy, well done.

  10. Hello Icy! Whew, if you come up with something for the kids, just holler! Am keeping my nieces ages 12, 11 and 9 (for the rest of the summer break -til Aug!) Am running our of activities too... hahaha! :) Love the shadow shots -another idea for the girls -biking (hehe) *hugs*

  11. Those bikes look really nice. I haven't been on a bike in along time. The shadows are great too.


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