Friday, June 4, 2010

Healthy Fun With The Kids

Thanks to Maria Hatfield for the guest blogger post.

What is better to do on a rainy day than learning with your children? I love using the hughes netinternet with my children. We live in a pretty desolate place, so satellite internet is the way to go. There are a lot of great sites out there for learning, socializing, or even to just play games together. Nick Junior offers a lot of sites if your children are fairly young. We like to play the Spongebobgame and of course any games that have Dora in them. My little girl has gotten better with her ABC's, counting, and has even learned a few Spanish words from the time we've spent together on the internet!

If you have a child that is at least 12 years old, they would probably enjoy having a Facebook page. This is a way that they can chat with friends from school as well as talk to family members that live far away. There are even a couple of games on there that they may find amusing.

If all else fails in entertaining the kids online, Yahoo! games has a lot to choose from! They can play games there with other people as well as chat. As with any activity, you should monitor your children to ensure that they are safe and only chat with people they know while online.

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  1. My grandson is on FB and it gives us a chance to see what he is up to. lol

  2. My nephew is 12 and he is on Facebook which I like so I can keep an eye on him and what he's doing. Facebook is a great spy tool for adults to watch their children.

  3. True to that we have to monitor our children when they are on the internet.

  4. Nice post from Maria. There is so much good stuff online for kids as long as the parents monitor the content.

  5. We need to monitor our children safely online. There is much to gain and danger also.


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