Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Honeysuckle Flowers, Maybe

In the very back corner of my yard, there is a bush with these beautiful white flowers on them. They come and go very fast though. Every year, I wanted to spend more time investigating these flowers, but the rainy season didn't permit that to happen.

When my neighbor saw that the kids were playing and touching this bush, she suggested them to get their hands washed thoroughly in the bathroom sink with soap, thinking that they might get itchy.

For some reasons, unknown to me, I don't often touch, or smell my objects when I'm taking pictures! I always wondered about the feel and smell of a certain flowers when it was too late. So when my neighbor mentioned the irritation she had with these flowers, I was kind of shock.

I look up honeysuckle flowers, and I'm pretty sure that these flowers are honeysuckles! There are so many different varieties of honeysuckles in all sorts of colors. Some are very fancy and didn't look anything like these flowers.

The bush is quite large as each year went by. I have trimmed some branches to keep it neat in the yard, but it grows back quite strong and fiercely. If you are curious to know if I've touched them, then the answer is no. Honestly now, do you think I want to risk getting itchy?

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  1. WOW...........
    It's nice flowers...
    Thanks for sharing these wonderful pictures.......

  2. The flowers are beautiful, Icy....we used to have honeysuckle in Georgia, growing wild. As children, we would pull out the center, then suck on the drops of liquid that would drip...sweet tasting and nice. My hands never felt irritated.

  3. What a pretty blossom! I bet there's a lovely scent and the bees are happy!

  4. I always thought honeysuckle was a vine - it is here. Do the flowers have a very sweet scent? Kids here would pick the flower, cut off the base and suck out the sweetness. Love the scent on a hot summer's evening.
    God Bless,

  5. They look wonderful!

  6. I've never heard that there is a problem with Honeysuckle...I'm not sure these are Honeysuckle because I don't see the bush...Could they be white Oleander?..I've heard they are poison...How does it smell? The Honey Suckle we have here is more of a vine that climbs anything in sight...I've seen pinkish yellow ones and red ones...We played near them when I was growing up and I've cut them to bring inside because of their sweet smell.
    Mama Bear

  7. Icy, don't know for sure if these are honeysuckle but they do resemble them. They are so sweet and pure looking. It could be too that some people are just allergic to flowers or certain types of flowers so it wouldn't necessarily irritate everyone. Beautiful shots and the mosaic is incredible.

  8. I'm in TN. As a child, we did exactly what Carmen {RNSANE} said. We loved sucking the sweet liquid out of honeysuckle! Sweet...

    Happy White Wednesday!

    Back Porch Blessings,

  9. I remember tasting the sweet nectar from honeysuckles a long time ago in California. Your mosaic and photos are very pretty. I like how the older flowers turn yellowish.

  10. These are really pretty flowers.

  11. They are so beautiful Icy, I would have had trouble keeping my hands and nose away from them.

    I have Japanese honeysuckle which is the one many of us tasted as children. This is not Japanese Honeysuckle. There are honeysuckles that grow in bush form, I think this is one. It looks like Tartarian Honeysuckle but there are others that are very similar.

  12. Honeysuckle has a beautiful perfume and does look like your pretty flower. Lovely

  13. Nice and lovely petals. They don't seemed to be itchy through the monitor. LOL

  14. Icy, The Home Gardener's Guide to Trees and Shrubs speaks of a honeysuckle shrub. Another book I have has an illustration of honeysuckle on a vine, so I would tend to agree with (SQ)Judy. I can send you a picture of the leaves and flower drawings in the books. It states the leaves take on a purplish hue in the summer from the sun. Perhaps she has an allergy, but I would be like you - I don't watch to itch!

  15. are those flowers fragrant too?


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