Friday, June 11, 2010

My Friday Fave Five # 6

Another week has come to an end, and it's Friday! Can you hear the joy in my voice? This week likes every other week, went by in a blur. It's time for me to count my blessings.

1. Our Soccer Team Came in Second

After three exhausting days, and playing in the rain, our soccer team came in second for the championship. JoJo played the full game, without break, and ended up with two goals, and one assist. We practically lived on the field!

2. I Love Helping the Kids With Math

I went to my son's school to help his classmates with their multiplication. These children are in 5th grade, but they still don't know their multiplication table. Helping them, playing Math game with them, and testing them show that they're progressing beautifully.

It's the best feeling in the world!

3. My Son Graduated From the Elementary

It's official! My son is graduated from the Elementary, and next year will mark a new adventure in the Middle School. He is excited and wanted to ride his bike to school, at least during the warm weather. I don't know about it, just yet. Our neighborhood isn't all that safe for him to venture.

4. My Obsession With Bee

When I am all wound up, I like to take picture, and go after the bee! No, I don't hurt them, I just want that "one perfect shot". The bee in the above picture, is a tiny baby one! My macro was at its max to capture this one.

5. My Thrift Store Find

I think I'm addicted to Thrift Stores! I found these beautiful bowls for fifty cents each, and the kids love me to serve them ice cream. For some reasons, these plates make them feel special. It doesn't take much to amuse them, I guess.

Hey, I am keeping the economy goes around! I donated my unwanted stuffs, and then I bought more stuffs to help them. It's a win-win situation if you ask me.

Have a good weekend everyone!

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  1. Thanks for sharing and linking up! Have a GREAT weekend!

  2. Glad your soccer team was so successful. One day I must learn more about soccer. Now would be a good time, huh? I’m sure you were a great blessing teaching math. Such a gift. Congrats to your son. I love your bee shot. That is a great one.

    Have a blessed weekend,

  3. I love thrift shopping too ... I posted about my purchases this week as well.

    Congrats on your son moving up to middle school. It's bittersweet to see them reach milestones ... you'd worry if they didn't grow, but you hate to see your babies grow up.

    I hear you on multiplication tables. I think some high-schoolers don't seem to know them very well!

  4. congratulations Icy and congratulations also to Jojo, wishing him the best in his middle school years, one year at a time and before you know it, he is done with college :)

    great for you to volunteer to help kids in Math, and love your pictures too.

  5. Congrats! on your son graduating and the soccer team coming in second - that is pretty cool. Your bees are becoming stars with all of your photos :) I too love thrift store finds, especially old books. Yes, Icy I can hear and feel the joy you have over Fridays :D Have an awesome weekend.

  6. I think that thrift stores and garage sales are rather addicting! Congratulations on your son graduating from elementary!

  7. And life happens as we blog...or should I say, so we blog! Congratulations to Jojo on graduating and for their team coming in second. Can't believe that's cute little Jojo some time back (in your old blogs) Whew, middle school, here we come. Jojo resembles you, Icy. I see the semblance. He seem to have received several awards -wow! Yay!

  8. Congrats on your son's graduation from elementary!

    Aren't bargains fun? Hope you have a great week.

  9. congratulations to your son and the team!!

    we can be prefect thrift store shopping buddies, i love getting books and some other craft items there.

    happy weekend!!

  10. Lots to be thankful for, Icy. Your son is so handsome. He'll grow up into a fine young man some day. You'll have a job getting the girls to leave him alone.

  11. I remember one year it was grade 3/4 and we were heading to Florida and dad asked the teacher for work to take on the road. She said the best work that I could learn is my multiplication tables. It was a long trip, all the way there and all the way back.

    Congratulations on moving to middle school next year, another milestone.

    You bee photo is fantastic!

  12. Congrtatulations to your son on his graduation to middle school and to the soccer team.

    Love your bee picture. You are one brave girl seeking them out. LOL.

  13. Thrifting can get addicting! Watch out! Congratulations to your son on his graduation to Middle School. Teaching kids most anything is fun, but it's great to teach the multiplication tables--so useful!

  14. Middle school will be an adventure for both you and JoJo. The clock is ticking. :-)

  15. Congratulations to your son graduating elementary school. That is wonderful news. I wish you could have tutored me in math because I am not good at it.

  16. Wonderful list of favorites and congrats to both you and Jo Jo. I love thrift store finds too.

  17. I know what you mean by a blur. My blur of last week and the weekend must have been why I missed this post.

    Congrats to the soccer team and to JoJo, great accomplishments for both.

    Math is so important, I am amazed that the multiplication tables aren't taught earlier. Keep up the good work teaching them Icy.

    You and I share an obsession with bees and thrift shops. If we lived closer we could go bee hunting and celebrate with a trip to the thrift stores.


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