Friday, June 18, 2010

My Friday Fave Five #7

The Weekend

I sat three hours on Saturday, and three hours on Sunday at the soccer field for JoJo's soccer try-out! He gave all he has, and more! You should see the sweat from this child of mine. Dark hair in the sun is a killer. It attracts heat! And I, with my head in "lala land", didn't pack enough drinking water to last that 3 hours for him on the first day.

JoJo suffered from heat exhaustion last summer, while we were at the tournament, so I'm now always worried about this. Overall, the try-out went well, and he will be on U-13 team for next year. One thing done, and more to come!


We had a picnic at my son's school, so I was out most of the day! As I grow older, I can't tolerate that much sun anymore. I was exhausted when we got back home. However, the picnic was swell, and this is something that my son will remember for a long time.


This is the last day of school, and as soon as the bell ring, the kids come running out in all directions screaming and yelling. It was fun to see, and "school-out" parties begin at different houses, and businesses. JoJo chose to go to swimming party with his friends instead of the shaving cream party that my friend holds every year.

I don't see any recessions at these occasions! Life goes on!

Garage Cleaned

JoJo knows that I have more on my plate that I could chew so he decided to clean and organize the garage for me. His sweet gesture, consideration, and caring, touch a deep core in my heart. This is a rare occasion, and I am taking it with great pleasure. Thanks sweetie!

One Last Dogwood

Since the weather is on a strange mood this year, even dogwood has a hard time to come in full bloomed. It was too cold for the petals to grow properly, but still is just absolutely beautiful to me.

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Sounds like you’re a great soccer mom. I definitely feel my age now when I’m in the sun too long, too. What a blessing that JoJo cleaned out your garage for you! Wow. Have a great weekend.

  2. Sounds like a great week!

    I know what you mean about dark hair in the sun. I have dark brown hair, and it still surprises me that it gets so HOT when I'm outdoors.

  3. How nice to have someone clean your garage for you! And for school to be out!

  4. Yes, we watched excited kids going to prom tonight, it was a hoot to see them all dressed and arriving in different modes of transportation.

    Dogwood, we don't have that, it does look lovely.

  5. school is almost over for me too Icy, just one more week, glad to hear about Jojo's many "happy"-nings. your dogwood shot is definitely awesome.

  6. What a wonderful time it has been for you and your son... and though i don't know much 'bout dogwoods i still find really interestin' and truly likable...!!!:D

    Good day!!!:)


  7. way to go!!! soccer mum.

    next time just pack a whole chilly bin with juice.

    My son has to pack his own water when he goes for karate lessons.

  8. How sweet of JoJo to clean out and organize the garage for you. He is a wonderful son. :)

  9. First, that dogwood is really pretty, wonderful shot. It seems JoJo really loves soccer and you supporting him is so fantastic. Have a great weekend.

  10. Dogwoods are lovely. I don't think we have those are here where I live.

    Good for your young man on making the team and for taking the initiative to clean the garage for you. He's sounds like a wonderful teen.

  11. The poor dogwoods! It has been a crazy spring. Enjoy your summer soocer days. I'm sure JoJo will do great. And congrats to him for cleaning the garage! A kid who cleans? Clone him!

  12. What a great post! I'm glad that JoJo made the team. I know he is so happy to be out of school. I remember how excited I was when school was out.

  13. which reminds me i have some cleaning to do =)

  14. Way to go JoJo! Thanks for helping out, keep up the wonderful sweetness. Much love.

  15. That is exciting your son made the team.....I always feel bad sitting there complaining about the heat while my kids are out there playing. But as you said, I am then reminded that I am no spring chicken anymore and that heat bothers me too!!! Keep the water and Gatorade flowing! :)
    Kudos to Jo Jo for cleaning the garage!!

  16. Oh Icy, that was so sweet of JoJo to clean and organize the garage for you. What a very special son you have.

    The kids look like they were having a great time.

  17. glad to hear that you had a wonderful week.

  18. I can see how proud you are of your son, Icy. It is nice when they reward you by doing something so sweet as he did, these boys of ours. My three have continued to be very endearing as adults!

    I love is so predominant in the South where I am from ( Georgia ) and I miss seeing it in the spring the way I always did there.

  19. Icy, I know - Michigan weather. I wait all winter for my catalpa blossoms in the spring and one thunderstorm took all my blossoms away! All I have left is a couple of pics and some memories! :-)

    I am glad you are having some wonderful events with Joey. He is sweet because you are!

    Take care & God bless!


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