Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Online Photo Sharing

Thanks to Joy Barba for the post.

One of the greatest joys about grandchildren is seeing them grow up and change before your eyes. But that isn't always possible. Having parents that retired to Florida, they only see their 7 grandchildren one time a year. Because no one can afford to travel there more often, we share the majority of our memories online through hughes wireless internet, through emails and photo sharing sites. My Photobucket account automatically emails my parents updates to my albums, so they are always in touch with the latest and greatest shots of my kids. A good Satellite internet service allows me to upload the pictures fast, and a good camera provides the best quality pictures. Photobucket is easy to use to organize my pictures, apply themes to different albums, and email them to anyone, anywhere.

Another great online photo site is Shutterfly. I've used them for Christmas cards, mugs, mouse pads, and a photo memory book. The editing program is easy to use and the printed quality is outstanding. Having these treasured keepsakes to share with friends and family is priceless.

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  1. These services are, indeed, wonderful, Icy - and order prints, if wanted, is economical from Shutterfly, etc. I just posted pictures of Alex and Laura's wedding and let people get what they wanted.

    My pictures are scattered all over the place, though - Shutterfly, Webshots, and a couple of other sites. I do have folders on my computer with the originals that I need to back up, though.

  2. We can share photos at FB and our blogs too. Nice guest post.

  3. The internet has given us so many possibilities when it comes to sharing photos.

  4. This is a great guest post. That is great that there are ways for you to share photos. I haven't heard of these sites, but they are worth checking out.


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