Saturday, June 26, 2010

Optimize Your Post for Visibility

As blog owner, we all have to make sure that our blog is visible to search engines, and to do that we must take into account many different things. Besides posting unique content, we also must choose proper keywords, or popular search words, bookmark it on social networking sites, and submit it to different search engines.

Here are some sites to consider:

Using Google keyword search tool before starting a post, will give us some ideas what people are searching for in pertaining to the subject of our post. This is search engine optimization, and it is the way to go for many bloggers to get discovered on the internet.

When search engine pulls up your blog or post as the result of keywords usage, it not only helps your blog getting a page rank, but it also brings traffic to you. Therefore, make sure to optimize your post to get visibility from search engines.

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  1. O, that was a nice post... thanks for sharin' it with us!:)

    Take care!:)


  2. Thanks for the tips on SEO.

    Take care & God bless!

  3. Useful information, thanks. I am learning to use more keywords.

  4. How do you like it Icy? I think Google provided so many useful tools for free it's just incredible. :-)

  5. Great post Icy, that is really good information.

    Speaking of visibility, I was doing a search the other day and one of my posts came up in the results. It was a very pleasant surprise. I have also had some of your posts come up in past searches.

  6. Great info, Icy. I always try and use search words that I think are relevant. It's great getting visibility on the search engines.

  7. These are wonderful tips to follow if I ever start a blog again. Thanks for the information.


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