Friday, July 30, 2010

Angels and Flower

Every summer, I bought flowers to plant at my dad's grave, because it's a part of my family's tradition and every year, the cemetery added more interesting statues. You can say that I'm officially weird since I found this giant angel or saint quite fascinating.

The angel stood looking down directly at my dad's place of rest, and on a sunny hot day it just looked magnificent. I love the powerful wings on this statue.

This little angel was sitting in the shade, counting her flowers and smelling them. She was beautiful, but I couldn't get a clear picture of her face.

If you want to see flowers, the cemetery has plenty too. I love the color of this one, and it seems to bloom beautifully in the full hot sun.

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  1. Im exactly like you --- i am fascinated by angels or any cool statue such as this! She is stunning.

    Also you wee angel. (next time try your flash out doors) sometimes it shows off exactly what we want to capture.

    Thanks so much for joining with us at Friday Finding Beauty.


  2. The angel is so cute with the flowers.

  3. That is really nice that you like to do that for your father's grave. The flower is really beautiful and the statue is nice too.

  4. Gorgeous Angel...beautiful post..and so lovely a tribute to your dad..gorgeous flower it..the color is awesome!

  5. when I was in Philippines I planted some flowers in my mom's grave too, but then because there is no season there, I was glad when I visited, the flower I planted still alive and blooming.

  6. How Nice that the Beautiful Angel is watching over your Dad ~ The little one is so pretty too :)
    I have a Really big thing for Statuary .... hahaha, if you travel around my blog(s) you'll see :)
    Enjoy your weekend ~

  7. Such a huge statue of an angel. It must have been overwhelming to see one so majestic. The one with the flower is so cute. Good capture, Icy!

  8. That angel is wonderful - it looks so big and powerful.

  9. Icy, the cemetery can be a beautiful spot both for flowers and statues. I like both statues but I have to say my heart belongs to that little angel with the flowers. Nice shots.

  10. I also take flower photos in the cemetery sometimes.
    Your photos are beautiful, I like the little angel in the shadow best.

    Thanks for your remark on my header, nobody seamed to notice it, except you.

    Have a beautiful week!

  11. I love cemetery statuary and this angel is very appealing. And the flower is lovely too.

  12. I guess that would make me officially weird too since I also find it fascinating. I like the shadow cast by the angel in your first photo. Great photos Icy.

  13. I like angels, too, and it is nice that this one looks over your father's grave. I think it's nice that the cemetery has many flowers planted. Some graves don't get flowers and it makes the whole places look nicer.

  14. When a cemetery grounds is kept up, they are very beautiful and I love your statutes too. I have a few in my archives. :-)


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