Monday, July 19, 2010

Blue Clematis

I love blue flowers because they are very rare to see. This blue clematis was just beautiful when I saw it on a trellis. The heart of this clematis was what I wanted for this series of pictures!

When the petals were opened wide, the heart was the center of attention. I could not find any buds on this plant, or else it would have been my victim as well.

This is just one perfectly beautiful heart! I love the way it looks and the colors of this clematis.

Hope everyone have a great Monday!

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  1. Super gorgeous..I love blues...this is an awesome bloom!

  2. You're right, BC, it's gorgeous!

    Happy Blue Monday.

  3. This is a gorgeous series of blue clematis.

    Thanks for stopping by the flower pot.


  4. It is beautiful. And you are right - blue flowers are not easy to find.

  5. What a gorgeous color and the center is just so showy. I have tried to grow Clematis in Denver with very little luck. I think they need some sort of soil/sun/moisture that I haven't provided.

  6. Wow, that is blue! Gorgeous beauty. Clematis I don't have, but would love to own one.

  7. Gorgeous pics. I miss my clematis. We cannot get them to grown in Cyprus. The weather in our village is far too hot. Then cold in winter for a few weeks. In the UK they were all over my garden. Lovely plant.

  8. Blue flowers are definitely one of my favourite colours.

  9. This is a really beautiful shade of blue. You always get great pics of these flowers.

  10. Blue flowers always catch my attention too. I really like your macro shots Icy especially the first one.

  11. Absolutely awesome clematis. This is one flower that is so stunning and has a number of different types. I love your choice.


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