Friday, July 9, 2010

Pink Dianthus

I planted a row of this pink Dianthus about three years ago in my front garden, thinking that they are annual flowers, and that was what it said on the pots too. However, they are perennial flowers to my surprise.

They come back every year, and it seemed that the pink color is getting deeper as each year goes by. When one group of flowers died, another group took their place, and they kept on flowering.

I like hardy flowers and the Dianthus are very easy to take care too. I just have to water them every other day, and they are happy. They seem to thrive in my "clay" soil, and very tolerance in hard sun.

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  1. That is so nice, Icy! They are pert little pink flowers and I think they have a sweet fragrance, if I remember correctly. Seems like someone told me they are related to carnations...but I'm not sure.

  2. Icy, your pink dianthus are just stunning. I like them better than mine and am thinking about going back to WalMarts to get me some. lol

  3. I like Dianthus too, they are a lovely variety of carnations.
    Lovely close-up of this pink one with raindrops.
    Have a great weekend!

  4. Dianthus are a beautiful perennial in my garden too. They unfortunately are the first to be eaten by the rabbit. Seems to think they are a delicacy. Yours are a lovely pink.

  5. Yay...wonderful summery photos...Such beauties...and wonderfully pink..I love the shape and whispy jagged edge to dianthus petals..just beautiful!

  6. magnificent shots.

    Have a great weekend.

  7. Thankgoodnes for the Dianthus and it's prolific blooming...otherwise one of my flowerbeds would look quite dull. Love the pretty pink of yours and of course as always the photography is amazing.

  8. Icy, they are so sweet with such a rich and deep coloring. Very Beautiful!!!

  9. Dianthus are such pretty little flowers, they add nice touches of color to the garden. I have some red ones in one of my planter boxes. Your macro are great Icy, also some very nice shadows too.

  10. They are indeed lovely Icy. I love the hot pink color... very dainty and girly.

  11. you have a green thumb!

    great job there icy!

  12. They are so pretty. I wonder if I can find some here in Cyprus.


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