Friday, July 16, 2010

Pink Mandevilla

This is called Sun Parasol Pretty Pink (Sunmandetomi) Mandevilla plant. They come in yellow, white, red, and yes, blue. They are a popular tropical color for porches, and patio. They are trellis climbers.

There are about 100 recognizable species of Mandevilla, and they required full sun, partial shade, and need rich, well drained soil, even in baskets.

Mandevilla has a beautiful trumpet-shaped flower, and is considered an annual plant. However, they can be brought indoor during the winter, if the weather reaches below 40 degrees.

Madevilla is known to flower nine months out of the year. They have small vines, heavy green leaves, and coarse stems. All parts of this plant are poisonous..

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  1. Obviously, these wouldn't grow at my altitude, so I will have to enjoy yours. I see you're taking time to linger - we are all benefitting.

  2. oh wow, so beautiful Icy, probably all parts are poisonous since it wants to be untouched by others so her beauty remains.

  3. The trumpet shaped bloom gives the plant an exotic look and the color is lovely. Your macros are beautiful Icy, I especially like the third one.

  4. I saw mandevilla at the gardening centre in the spring, but had no idea what sort of a flower it was. Now I know! Thank you so much!! The flowers are lovely, and something different, too!!

  5. Icy, I got shots of Mandevilla the other day when Jo and I were at the Sloat Garden Center - they had red and yellow ones. They were really beautiful. Folks in there must of thought we were really nuts, snapping away at everything. The orchids, especially, were fabulous.

    Any word, yet, on the book. Post it on Facebook as well and let me know so I can put a widget on my blog.

  6. I love the delicate pink color. Nice!

  7. I have never seen this flower before. Nice photo!

  8. Icy, these are so beautiful. We saw some the other day and they are very showy. Nice shots.

  9. Lovely pink colored flower.
    It's resembling to Angel's trumpet and that is poisonous too.
    The last two macros are my favorites.
    Have a beautiful weekend!

  10. Ooh yes...that's what we have here and they are starting to bloom. The yellow ones are the most popular here and often seen in trellis. The pink one seldom blooms, it's very delicate and needs a lot of sun.

  11. Talk about pretty in pink. Do they smell as nice as they look?

  12. Very pretty. I have seen them in Spain but not in the UK, too cold and wet I guess

  13. Lovely pictures and flowers.
    I have a red flowering mandevilla in our garden. But during the winter, the plant will be in the sunroom and hopefully bloom next year again.

  14. Such pretty flowers and so well presented.

  15. I really love this shade of pink. This flower is very different (to me), but beautiful.

  16. i can tell that you are surrounded by flowers.

  17. Love these photos! What's not to love?


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