Sunday, July 11, 2010

Shadows From the Window

This is the big window at the gym where my nephew went to school, and every season the Pre-school teacher helped the students decorating them with paint, cut out art pieces, or other interesting things.

The shadow was small in the morning, but by afternoon, the entire hall way was just fantastic.

In full sun, this was what it looked like! You could see butterfly, flowers, trees, fence, and whatever the children put on this giant glass window.

While most parents were busy taking pictures of their children, I aimed at the floor. It was more captivating to me than what was going on at the time. You should have seen the look on these people's face when they watched me taking pictures of the floor!

They must have thought that I was crazy, but really, it is the simple joy of life that I'm discovering, everyday, in ordinary things like this.

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  1. oh, these are gorgeous. Absolutely gorgeous!
    I have the same thoughts sometimes when taking photos of unusual things, objects...
    I simply don't care. :)))

    Happy Sunday

  2. great shadow shots. i agree with you...i don't care how silly i look when taking certain photos. it's what you have to do to get the shot :)

  3. awesome photos
    miss u a lot have a great day

  4. These are fantastic and breathtaking! I love them! And our neighbors look at me like that all the time as they see me out on the deck with the camera looking for shadows! They don't know what fun they're missing! Hope you have a great week!


  5. Icy, I dub you president of the Camera Bug Club. Can I be secretary or VP?

    Love your shadows!! I'm sure you took pics of your nephew too. We have to be so careful when we take pics of others loved ones so you did right.

  6. it is indeed very gorgeous Icy, the painting on the wall brought beautiful shadows. sometimes, some people don't see what we see, i think because we blog and share pictures our eyes are more open to seeing some things that others oftentimes neglected.

  7. Wow Icy, these shadows are fantastic!

  8. It looks like a mural painted on the floor. Isn't that wonderful.

  9. That is so very cool! I bet the kiddos loved to see the scenes on the floor like that! Fun!

  10. It's like a mural on the floor, painted by hand.

  11. Icy, these are some of the most wonderful shadow shots I've ever seen! It's nice that you got the earlier shots and then the ones later in the day as well. Just beautiful.

  12. Haha! I can imagine the confused looks on their faces! The beauty found on the floor is obvious to those of us in the know :D

    Oh and gorgeous shadow shots btw!

  13. Icy, these are so artistic. It's almost like stained glass window shots with shadows. Very beautiful

  14. oh i love the shadow on the floor created by the images on the glass wall. great shots.

  15. These shots are really great. You really got some great shadow shots here.

  16. The artwork on the windows make for some very interesting shadows. Great photos Icy, they have a very playful feel to them.


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