Monday, July 12, 2010

Top Chef

Posting compliments of Lacy Frank

What else could be better than a food show and reality show combined? The best reality show on television is Top Chef without a doubt. This program has grown to become one of the most popular programs on the Bravo network and throughout the world of cable television.

I love watching "Top Chef" on my satellite tv that I got from every chance I get. This show depicts competing chefs from some of the world's most elite culinary schools and gourmet restaurants. All of the chefs compete with one another to impress a panel of very harsh judges. One little thing goes wrong on a dish of food, and it could be the end of that chef's time on "Top Chef." This program offers a great insight into the world of cooking for people who may be considering the pursuit of a culinary degree or culinary career. I think people assume cooking is an easy task, when in reality it is difficult to impress people with original recipes and when it is difficult to cook in an efficient manner with a team of individuals. Cooking is also a very intense activity and that is definitely revealed by this program. This show makes cooking actually look like a very difficult art to master. And, I think that is probably the point of this program. I highly recommend watching "Top Chef" if you like food shows and reality shows!

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  1. Great guest post. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I love Top Chef! Doods and I watch it on Netflix. Good show, esp for cooks like Doods. :)

  3. This is a great guest post. I like to watch Top Chef too. The show is really good and can have some drama.

  4. Very nice guest post. I do watch Top Chef and it is a good show.


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