Sunday, September 12, 2010

Watching the Boat Went By

The day was nice and beautiful. I set out for an outing by the Detroit River. It is the best time to enjoy nature when everything is clear, and pleasant! I spotted this boat on the Canadian side sailing by.

The sky was blue, the water was blue and the boat had some blue design stripes on it! Can you see the Canada flag flying in the wind? There were very few people around at this time, which made my photo hunt much easier.

It looked like a working boat, not one of those fun yacht, or cruise ship! My camera was pushed to the max of its capacity, but I couldn't find anyone on this boat. It was moving at a steady speed as you can tell by the wave.

Have a great Blue Monday, and Macro Monday!

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  1. Aha, Icy, could it then be a spirit craft, piloted by some ghost of a down craft of the past?
    Funny, isn't it, not to spot a deck hand or someone on board!

  2. Really lovely! I particularly like the clouds in the pics...Well done! Cathy

  3. Yay beautiful post for all of us Canadians! Wonderful shots! Lovely colors..and great flag!

  4. I bet there is an autopilot in there somewhere. Of course in a river, or a channel, things can go funny in a hurry, and someone should be on the bridge just in case. Perhaps you couldn't see the captain/helmsperson from your vantage point, but really....

    The story goes, Joe on his sailboat was sitting at the helm, reading a good book, while the wind pushed his full sails along his charted course. Bob, at the helm of his power vessel on autopilot, was eating his lunch. Both boats were headed to the same waypoint and the inevitable happened...they both arrived there at the same time while nobody was watching. BANG. These things happen, and we hope nobody dies in the process.

  5. How very blue. Looks like it was a lovely day.

  6. it's stil lovely weather overthere
    here is a lot of rain
    great shots

  7. in 1975-77, I used to sit at the park on windsor side and look at the Detroit river. You gave me sweet memories.

  8. I love watching watercraft. Beautiful shots!

  9. What a lovely sight.

    Happy Blue Monday! Check out my book giveaway.

  10. Beautiful shots. I grew up not far from Windsor, so photos like this always make me a little homesick.

  11. Nice photos on the boat !
    I live a couple a miles from a smaller harbor and like to watch boats too :)

  12. How nice. You must be quite close to the Canadian border I assume.

  13. Your pics are really nice. What a beautiful boat! It looks like it is a beautiful day.

  14. nice capture. i wish i had the time to watch something like this too.

  15. Another card or postcard picture. Somehow they speak to me: let's go on a cruise - or something like that.

  16. Great shots of the vessel Icy, when I enlarge it I see the marking of a US Coast Guard ship. When we lived on the coast they were one of the favorites to watch.

  17. the fun part is you watched the boat pass by...


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