Sunday, March 6, 2011

362 Days Of Free Admission

If you live in Metro Detroit, and want to explore a bit of nature, check out the Belle Isle Nature Zoo. There are quite a few things to experience both indoor and outdoor.

The best thing is, as the sign said: free admission! You don't find too many free things to do in today economy, so grab this chance and head toward the Nature Zoo.

Joining Blue Monday!!

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  1. Nature Zoo sounds like a great way of describing it!


  2. I wish I lived close enough to take advantage of this.

    Thanks for sharing. Happy Blue Monday, Icy.

  3. I have not been to the zoo inn years. This looks like one I would enjoy. Just too far away.

  4. Something free is definitely a joy. It's becoming harder and harder to find things to do for free these days.

  5. what a treat and a great deal to be had

  6. Now, that's the way to do it! Free nature. What a concept. Glad there is somewhere for city folks to escape to.

  7. That sounds like a great way to spend an afternoon. You can't beat free. :)

    CA Johnson


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