Sunday, May 29, 2011

Blue Jay Landed

We had bread, different kinds of bread, sandwich bread, beget, french bread, hamburger bread, hot dog buns, etc...We have more bread than I care to see because my oldest boy loves bread.

Yes, bread gets stale faster than we can eat, but the birds love them! Blue Jay comes in pair to eat them, fight with each other, and noisily takes over the back yard.

My point and shoot camera couldn't get any closer for better pictures because these blue jays can sense when human is around. Any movement from me then they would take off.

Joining Blue Monday and Midweek Blue!!

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  1. I had a blue jay in my front yard but he flew away before I could get the camera on. Thanks so much for sharing your handsome guy with us!

  2. the first one is really clear Icy, love the shot. I too get excited whenever I see blue jay, over here, seems like they are as elusive too, can't get near, I usually only get good shots of them when in National Parks, maybe because they are used to people visiting they don't fly quickly when there are humans.

  3. The Jays are happy that your son likes bread!

  4. At least you still got a very good shot at him. He's a very happy soon-to-be-filled blue jay!

  5. Love that beautiful Blue Jay.

    Happy Blue Monday, Icy.

  6. So beautiful! I never saw a blue jay in Arizona, but I used to really enjoy watching them in California.

  7. You can include me in the love of bread. I stopped buying it as I eat too much. The smell of fresh baked bread drives me crazy. I could eat a dozen home made rolls.

  8. Oh, these shots are so special. He is adorable. What great captures, Icy.

  9. So nice you were able to get some captures of the Blue Jay feeding. I always have to take my bird photos from inside the house, otherwise they would fly away once I opened the door.

    I very much like your idea of putting the stale bread in the suet feeder.

  10. Nice to be able to catch the birdie. animals are too fast and too far away for me.


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